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The under sing shutoff valves and or the fill lines to the sink are clogged.Sometimes you can flush the lines and everything will work fine.Other times you need to replace the lines.Be sure to remove the aireator and check the flow first it might be the whole problem.

2006-08-20 05:37:08
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Q: Why does the toilet and shower in the bathroom have great water pressure but the sink faucet has almost no water pressure?
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What could be wrong if when you are showering and another faucet is turned on the shower water cools?

Its a loss in water pressure to the shower.

How can you fix low water pressure to the tub spout and shower head of your shower?

Clean or change the diverter faucet

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What does a tub faucet do normally?

A tub faucet acts as a shower and can be used to bath in the bath tub. It is a pressure valve which makes the flow of water through it constant and gives a nice shower.

Why would the shower drain or bathroom sink faucet make a bubbling noise when you flush the toilet?

Bad vent or particle stoppage

Why does the tub faucet still leak when the shower head is turned on in a bathtub?

It doesn't but you better run sir/madam their may be a ghost in your bathroom.

Why would pressure suddenly drop in a shower but still come out of the faucet when the shower valve is closed?

Probably someone or something else using water that drops the pressure. The shower head will be a lot more sensitive to pressure drops than other faucets in the house.

Is it possible to go from a three handle tub shower faucet to a two handle tub shower faucet?


What causes one bathroom upstairs to have very little water pressure in the shower and bathtub but the other bathroom has plenty?

Insufficient water pressure or incorrect pipe sizing

How do you maintain pressure after installing a second shower head in your shower?

The piping has to be the exact same length for each shower head from the tee where the cold and hot water feeds from the top of the diverter faucet.

Why does the bathroom faucet make a louder noise when the shower or toilet stops running?

It might mean that there is air in the line. Maybe install a water hammer.

How can you stop your faucet from whistling as the water gets hot?

I have this problem with my shower head, what I do to fix it is turn on the sink in my bathroom to hot, this usually shuts it up

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How do you fix a leaky delta shower faucet?

Get a Delta shower parts replacement kit from Hardware or Plumbing store and rebuild the faucet. Must get the right kit for the exact faucet.

Is a faucet a shower tap?


Can hot water bleed into the cold water line through a sing handle shower body?

Yes, it can also cross through a two handled faucet. Both the hot and cold sides of the faucet must be on and the flow of water must be stopped or greatly reduced on the outlet side of the faucet. This can occur when a hose with a spray nozzle is attached to a laundry tub faucet with the faucet on and the spray nozzle off, or when a shower faucet is on but the shower spray head is off. When another cold water outlet in the system is turned on then the pressure on the cold side of the laundry tub or shower faucet in question could be lowered below the pressure on the hot side and hot water can flow into the cold water side. There are faucets which have integral check valves which prevent this from occurring. WWW.WOODBRIDGEPLUMBING.COM

I completely close my shower faucet but the cold water still runs it is a two tap faucet and it is just a shower not a shower bath combination what is going on?

Proably the faucet has a worn out washer, replacing the washer should fix the problem.

What causes a bathroom tub shower pipes to shake and make noises when turned on?

They are probably not strapped in the wall. If you have a quick closing faucet, there may be water hammer.

Your shower faucet drips only when water is turned on in other parts of the house for instance dishwasher This began when you changed the shower head Why is this happening?

Have you got two single faucets or a single lever faucet? It could be a pressure imbalance or it could just need maintenance

What's so unique about the Delta shower faucet?

The unique thing about the Delta shower faucet are that they provide the best and most unique looking bath tubs and shower fixtures. They are one of the leading providers of shower products.

What could be wrong if you have no hot water coming out of the shower only cold?

Do you have hot water at other fixtures in the house? If not you have a water heater problem. If yes the Shower valve needs to be rebuilt if it is a bressure balanced faucet the concentration should be on the pressure balancing spool area of the faucet.

Why does turning on one faucet cause significant pressure loss in every other faucet in the house?

Turning on one faucet will cause a pressure drop at any other faucet that is running, but you say it is a "significant" drop - that implies that you have low water pressure, period. You might to consult with a plumber to see if anything can be done - if you live in a house with very old steel plumbing pipes, replacing them can make a noteworthy difference (it's not cheap, of course). Or possibly, you have an unusually low pressure system, perhaps a gravity feed system. Installing a water pump will solve any inconvenience, such as the shower almost quitting when a toilet is flushed elsewhere.

What is standard height of wall faucet?

If you are talking about tub faucet -- if the tub is 15 in. high then about 28 in. to center of faucet -- if shower then about 48 in. from floor to center of faucet.

How do you convert a triple handle shower faucet to a single handle faucet?

No conversion, it would need to be replaced with a single handle faucet.