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Q: Why does white chocolate have more fat than milk chocolate?
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Who has more fat white chocolate or milk chocolate?

White chocolate has more fat than milk chocolate does.

Is white chocolate more fattening than milk and dark chocolate?

Yes white chocolate is more fattening than milk and dark chocolate.

Do you put weight on more with white chocolate than what you do with milk and dark chocolate?

Yes you do put weight on more with white chocolate than what you do with milk and dark chocolate.

Does chocolate milk have more protein than white milk?

No. Chocolate milk has more sugars. Common misconception.

Is chocolate milk better than white milk?

I think chocolate milk is better then white milk.

Why do kids drink more chocolate milk than white?

because they love it more than milk lol!

Is white chocolate the most unhealthy chocolate?

White chocolate contains less Vitamin D and more fat and sugar than milk and dark chocolate.

Is chocolate milk better for you than white milk?

they both have the same nutritional value. however, chocolate milk has a bit more sugar because of the flavouring. i personally prefer chocolate milk.

Is Hershey's chocolate bad for you?

It depends. Dark chocolate is lot better than the milk or white chocolate because it uses less sugar and has more of the natural cocoa bean. White and milk chocolate is more of a processed chocolate that adds more sugar and more of the artificial stuff.

Does chocolate milk spoil faster than white milk?

yes it does spoil faster than white milk because white milk is regular and chocolate milk has this kind of thing that makes it spoil fast

Why is white milk better than chocolate milk?

it isn't...

Is there more sugar in dark chocolate than milk chocolate?

Milk chocolate contain more sugar.