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Why does your 1996 jimmy use water?

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This Sounds As If You Have A Cracked Head, Or Blown Head Gasket. Check Your Oil To See If You Have Water In It. Remove Dipstick If You Have Water In You Engine Crankcase You Will Check Overfull With Water On The Bottom Of Oil Dipstick. It May Have A Little Condensation On It That's OK. Drop By A Radiator Shop, Have Them Pressure Test You System. You May Just Have A Small Leak. Give This A Shot. Actually Do This First. They Will Be Able To Give You The Service You Need.

Check the radiator for leaks and all cooling/heater hoses. Also, check that the water pump isn't leaking from the weep holes. This would indicate it needs to be replaced.

2011-09-14 00:14:01
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