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Why does your 5 year old Great Dane always poop in the house instead of outside?

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September 14, 2011 12:14AM

Is this done when you leave or when your home? If it is happening when you leave, it could be a sign of separation anxiety. Some dogs and cats potty in places they shouldn't when they are left alone. If this problem continues, you can try kennel training your pet. When you leave, kennel your pet. Immediately on your return let the dog out to take care of business. Do not come back in until it is done. If you are home when this is done, pay attention at to the time it is done. Like humans, dogs tend to have to potty at the same time each day, so it is easy to get their schedule down. Old dogs can learn new tricks. This is not an impossible task, but will take persistence on your part. When I begin training a dog or puppy I take them outside only to go potty. When they do, I praise them and immediately take them indoors. This way they know outside is the place to potty. When they get the hang of this, and it doesn't take long, I take them out and let them play a bit, but still take them out every couple of hours. Soon you will be able to have more time between and eventually they will get the hang of it. Just remember this, kenneling your dog is not cruel. Most of the time dogs just lay around in one place all day anyway. Have patience and whatever you do never, and I mean never rub your pets nose in it. I can't believe people actually think this kind of training is acceptable.