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Good spark plugs? Clean air filter? Good Spark plug wires? Cap and Rotor OK? Air intake and Vacuum hoses tight and not leaking? Have you used injector cleaner lately? New fuel filter? Are the charging system and battery OK? Hows the oil level? Live in Mexico(bad gas)...:)

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โˆ™ 2006-07-08 14:28:52
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Q: Why does your 93 Dodge Dakota run bad when its cold?
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How do you get a 2000 dodge Dakota to start after it has run out of gas?

Add fuel, and crank.

Does Dodge Dakota 2005 has sparkplugs?

...really? Without sparkplugs the engine will not be able to start up and to answer your question yes the 2005 Dodge Dakota has sparkplugs.

Why does a 1992 Dodge Dakota Sport run in park and cut off when you drive it?

Check for vacuum leaks.

Can a bad thermostat cause your car to run cold?

If stuck open the car will run cold. If stuck closed the car will run hot.

What gas to use in a 1999 V8 dodge Dakota?

Look in your owners manual. It will tell you what the truck was designed to run on.

Where is the starter on a Dodge Dakota?

The starter location on all Dodge Dakota engines is on the driver's side rear of the engine, low down and bolted to the transmission bellhousing. It will be cylindrical in shape and the positive (red/+) battery cable will run directly to it.

Can a bad sending unit on a 1995 dodge 2500 diesel pickup not run?


Why does your replaced electric AC fan on a 2001 Dodge Dakota not run?

replace the blower fan resistor and you`ll be okay

What are the symptoms of a bad camshaft position sensor in a 2001 dodge pickup?

Some will run rough and not run at all.

Can a bad belt make your dodge caravan run bad?

Yes a timing belt can make it run bad the vale timing gould be off an the cam will be in re tard timing

Is it bad to run in the cold?

The reason why it is considered bad is because while you run, you get hot and sticky which causes you to sweat. And while your sweating the cold gets at it and you may become sick! Hope that helped! :)

Why does the dodge 1500 pickup's condenser fan run in cold weather?

If the defrost is on, the ac will be on, and the condsensor fan will be on.

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