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Is it common to have automatic transmission problems in a 98 Maxima SE?

I had one. I had to have the transmission rebuilt. Nightmare!!

How to replace clutch in 2002 PT Cruiser?

The 2002 PT cruiser is equipped with an automatic transmission. The automatic transmission does not have a standard clutch. The transmission will need to be completely rebuilt.

What would cause your 1998 Accord with a rebuilt automatic transmission to not go into gear?

The transmission could have been rebuilt improperly, or the linkage could have been reinstalled incorrectly.

Why does your 1992 GEO Tracker automatic transmission slip gears?

because the transmission is going out, it need rebuilt or replaced

What transmission is in a 1985 econoline van?

The 1985 Econoline Van has an automatic transmission. The transmission can be rebuilt by any licensed transmission shop or purchased new.

1992 ford explore has no forward gears?

If it has an automatic transmission, it probably needs to be replaced or rebuilt.

What is the procedure for tightening the automatic transmission bands on a 1995 4-cylinder Metro?

It isn't possible. You'll need to have the transmission rebuilt.

Your rebuilt 1991 Accord automatic trasmission seems to have a slight hesatation before kicking in is that normal on rebuilt trans?

A rebuilt transmission shoud perform exactly like a new one. Hesitation is not normal. Take it back to whoever rebuilt it.

How to Replace transmission bands on a 95 grand Cherokee?

Automatic Transmissions are such complex things that I would leave that to a transmission shop to do or, if I needed a new Automatic Transmission I would purchase a used or rebuilt one and replace the bad one myself.

I have BMW 1999 323 sedan automatic transmission already rebuilt for not engaging reverse mode Transmisssion reverse mode sometimes don't work what could be the next problem?

Check Your Tranny Fluid.

What type of automatic transmission fluid do you put into a 1965 Ford Galaxie automatic transmission?

Type F transmission fluid unless it's been rebuilt. Then it would be Dexron III or whatever fluid the builder recommended. Mine it was Dexron III

What type fluid can you use for a 1954 powerglide automatic transmission?

The shop that rebuilt my '54 Powerglide recommended Dexron III.

Why does my automatic only drive in reverse?

Your transmission needs to be rebuilt ... although - once - I "fixed" that problem by draining & refilling my trany.

Transmission fluid is full but still knocks after x amount of miles of driving?

The transmission may need to be rebuilt. If it is automatic you can try dropping the transmission oil pan and replacing the filter and fluid.

When an automatic transmission begins to slip does it need to be rebuilt?

1st step would be to change the transmission fluid and filter (if so equipped). may save you the cost of a rebuild.

How many quarts of automatic transmission fluid does a 2000 Nissan Maxima hold?

4 to fill it ,unless its been rebuilt then 13 will be needed

What is the cost to rebuild a 4 cylinder engine Honda Accord Automatic transmission?

About 1500 give or take. I just got mine rebuilt with a warranty.

Why would 1995 Toyota 4Runner not go in reverse?

If it is an automatic transmission then your reverse clutch pack is probably burnt out in which case your transmission needs to be rebuilt If it it a manual transmission and it wont go into the reverse gear it is probably a shift synchronizer.

What is the least expensive way to have a transmission replaced or rebuilt?

Automatic or Manual ? Automatic- the least expensive method is to approach a local school with an Automotive program specializing in Automatic Transmissions , that is if time is not an issue - it may take several weeks or months - next cheapest method is a reputable Automatic Transmission rebuilder, have them install a rebuilt into your vehicle. I have had some junkyards (good ones ) do some good and reasonable work on automatics too. Ask around friends relatives etc Manual Trans - same basic answer - if time is not an issue try a good used transmission installed at a junk yard - Rebuilt manual transmissions can be very expensive depending on the vehicle (ie 4 wheel drive) Good luck

What if the transmission is broke in a car?

Have it rebuilt.

What is the cost for a new or rebuilt 94 Honda Civic automatic transmission?

Used, with a 1 year warranty, will cost around $600. Rebuilt with a 5 year warranty, around $1,700. New around $2,500 with a 3 year warranty.

What is a rebuilt transmission?

It is a transmission that was broken,but is now fixed with new parts.

What could be the problem with a 1999 Tahoe that jumps when accelerating with an automatic transmission and what is the cost for fixiing this problem?

I had mine rebuilt for around $1,700 using non OEM parts.

How do you repair 3-4 shift solenoid valve error?

Sometimes draining the transmission fluid and replacing the filter will solve this problem. If it persists the transmission may need to be rebuilt.

Replacing an automatic transmission how much will it cost?

Write a longer question. We need to know what kind of car. I'm in Reno NV and they replaced mine (Ford Taurus) with a rebuilt transmission. It cost me $3,000 but that includes labor.