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Why does your 94 sunbird not downshift and stalls at stoplight?

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If it's an automatic, you may have a sticking solenoid INSIDE the transmission.

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Where is the location of the 94' Pontiac sunbird 4 cylinder fuel pumb?

I believe that the fuel pump for the 94 Pontiac sunbird is in the gas tank.

Does someone have a fuse diagram for a 94 ford sunbird?

1993 Pontiac Sunbird Fuse Box Map

How do you fix stoplight switch on 94 ford crown Victoria?

go to the mecanics

Location for the stoplight switch on a 94 corolla?

It's located on the top of your brake pedal.

How do you remove the door panel on a 94 sunbird?

You cant. Need help

Fuel filter location on 94 Pontiac sunbird 4 cylinder?

In the tank

Speaker sizes in a 94 Pontiac sunbird?

2" smaller than my nuts

How do you fold down the rear seat in a 94' Sunbird 4 door?

If it's a Sunbird Le, I don't think you can. My seats don't fold down.

How do you replace coil on 94 Sunbird 3.1?

it s attached to the starter. Hope this helps.

Where is the winshield washer pump on a 94 sunbird LE 2.0?

In the windshield wiper motor.

Location of starter on 94 Pontiac sunbird?

the starter is under the car by the oil filter

Where is the timing belt for 94 sunbird?

its under the black cover behind the serpentine belt

What is the torque setting for the head bolts on a 94 Pontiac Sunbird?

number 8 reverse torque

94 astro vanwill only start if the gas peddle is to the floorIt stalls as soon as you let off of it?

94 astro will only start if the gas peddle is to the floor and it sounds really rough ,it stalls as soon as you let off the gas

What would cause a speedometor to not work?

broken cable from gauge to Trans. I have a 94 Sunbird and I have that same problem

What is the spark plug gap for a 94 2L sunbird?

Listed under the hood on a placard and in the owners manual.

How do you fix the horn of a 94 sunbird Pontiac?

Did you try the horn relay? It is located near the fuse box.

Your 94 mercury villager stalls when slowing down idle low below 800rpm?

vacuumm leak

Can you use a 1992 sunbird fuel pump on a 1993 sunbird and what would happen if i used the 1993 harness on a 1992 fuel assembly?

The fuel pump is the same up to 94. The harness should also be the same.

Where is a 94 Pontiac sunbird fan relay located?

Under the hood, on the lower drivers side, inside radiator support.

94 3.4 and it stalls out at 115 mph what can you do to get more and how do you do it?

Your car has a factory installed speed control that is part of the ECM.

94 Sunbird temperature gauge will not work?

If it gets to hot the thermostat wont work. you need to repace it and the gauge will work again.

94 Cherokee stalls while driving down the road what would cause that?

it is either the erg valve or the timing is off.

How do you change a heating core in a 1994 Pontiac sunfire?

Well, Pontiac didnt make a sunfire in 1994 is it a 95 sunfire or 94 sunbird?

Where is the ditributor cap on a Pontiac sunfire 94 located?

Pontiac didn't introduce the Sunfire until 1995, so you may be thinking of a Sunbird.

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