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could be the IAC(idle air control) valve. or you may just need to clean the throttle body at the butterfly. they love to gum up there. it can cause a loss of airflow at idle causing the IAC to be confused.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-27 01:01:23
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Q: Why does your 96 camaro lope or idle erraticly on idle but not engine light comes on and car still has lots of power on acceleration?
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2011 Camaro SS is not supercharged from the factory. If you put a supercharger on it, the horsepower rating will depend on how much boost you use. A stock 2011 manual transmission SS Camaro comes with the LS3 engine rated at 426hp, and a 2011 stock auto trans SS Camaro comes with the L99 engine, which is rated at 400hp.

What engine comes in a 1988 iroc-z Camaro 350?

88 Iroc came with either 305 or 350. You already answered the question with camaro 350

Why does a 91 chevy camaro check engine light comes on?

The check engine light comes on at start up for a bulb check. If it stays on with the engine running the computer has detected a malfunction. You need to have it checked for codes.

Why does your 2002 Chevy Camaro reduce engine comes on?

I had that issue with my 2002 @ 45k it turned out to be the catalitic converter (if that's how you spell it)

What comes stock in a 1987 Camaro ss?

Nothing - there was no Camaro SS in 1987.

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There is no such thing as a 1992 IROC Camaro

What type engine comes in a 1989 Chevy Camaro rs?

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What transmission comes in a 1994 camaro?


Will the gm 572 crate motor fit in 69 camaro using oil pan that comes with engine?

call summit racing and ask them this question.

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The 86' Z28 comes stock with a 5.0 or 302 their both the same engine. a 1986 chevy camaro does not come with a 302 its a 305 a 302 is a ford motor not a che y motor know your facts i am a camaro fanatic i know these things about them plus i own a 1986 chevy camaro irocz z28 and its all original with the 305 4barrel carb thats how it should be btw mine has the t-tops in it

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Theres bound to be changes but for the most part the only think it comes to mined Motor Mounts.

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