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Why does your GMC 1 ton 6.2 liter when you start the truck it takes brakes to the floor?


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2004-10-01 10:10:39
2004-10-01 10:10:39

Truck has hydro-static brake assit. What this means is the power brake assit runs off the power steering pump.It takes a few seconds to build up pressure.


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After changing the brakes the first few times you press on the brake pedal it will go to the floor; that's because the calipers haven't been pushed back to position. Remember that you had to retract the calipers completely before you could put in the new brake pads. Sometimes it takes a few pumps before the calipers are back in position. Make certain that the brake fluid is all the way up, then bleed the brakes again, and watch that fluid level. If it goes low for just one pedal push then you'll suck air again and you'll have to start over. Just one bubble of air in the brakes will cause trouble.

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it takes about an hour to do it. and it's easy.

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It takes 5 qt add 1 liter if you change the oil filter It takes 5 qt add 1 liter if you change the oil filter

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they're so heavy that it takes the brakes some time to dissipate all that moving energy.

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