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That noise is completely normal as long it lasts for a few seconds, and it's caused for AC system in while it reaches its normal working pressure

2007-08-09 21:56:04
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Q: Why does your Ranger XLT make a high pitch whining noise with AC on and for a few moments after it is turned off?
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Why does the old exterior faucet make a whining noise when turned on?

Loose washer

Have a whining noise near belts was making a knocking sound before and had pulley's adjusted whining noise stops when you turn and hold steering wheel what could this be?

Whining noise near belts had pulleys adjusted any idea what is causing this

Why does a dodge stratus 97 make a whining squeaking noise when turned on?

Most likely the power steering belt is old and should be replaced.

What causes howling noise while accelerating in a ford ranger 1999 four wheel drive?

What kind of howling? Or is it a whining? Where does it sound like it's coming from.

Whining noise in transmission?

A whining noise in the transmission is usually an indication the transmission fluid is low. Check the transmission fluid and fill it to the recommended level.

What would cause a loud whining noise in the right front end and shaking of steering wheel when you brake?

Possible its time to change those brake pads out. The whining noise is possibly the metal grinding to your rotor, which would cause your wheel to shake. Consider getting those rotors turned as well.

What causes a loud whining noise when accelerating?

It is the alternator....

93 eagle talon awd turbo standard while engine running seems to have a whining noise have changed the head new belts and gaskets the whining noise is still there but noise is still there?

Its could be the turbo your hearing...

What can cause whining noise while driving?

The kids in the back.

Whining noise coming from the car when at high speed?

wheel bearing, gearbox or wind noise Supercharger?

Is your reliant a 750 0r 850 engine starts with 3L?

the whining noise is probably your passenger whining about the stupid questions you ask

Symptoms of bad wheel bearing?

You will hear a grinding or whining noise.

Ford transit whining noise when driving?

Probably your alternater on its way out.

Why does your Honda Civic make a whining noise when backing up?

This is normal.

My Chevy trailblazer makes a whining noise that increases as the rpm's increase?

it is the idler pully. i just replaced mine and all the whining stopped

Whining noise when turning steering wheel?

A whining noise present when turning the steering wheel indicates a faulty power steering pump. As the pump fails, it allows air to enter the system and a distinct whine.

What would cause a 2006 Chevy Impala to make a whining noise when accelerated?

ON the 2006 impala that whining noise is actually the electronics when you accelerate. Its more or less electronic pulses/signals My 06 Impala is the same.

What causes the diff noise on Impreza?

The Diff oil ir either needing changed or topped up, if its a whining noise that is.

What can cause a whining noise when making a sharp turn?

Car wheels on the pavement.

What is the whining noise in the back of 1999 Chev Suburban 1500 fuel pump or is it worth checking the relays?

The relays have nothing to do with the whining noise, they just complete the circuit and make things work. The whining noise is the fuel pump and that is a common problem with Chevy That noise will not hurt anything, but I would change the fuel filter and that may quite the pump a little. A stoped up fuel filter will burn a fuel pump up.

What would cause a whine noise during acceleration in a 2.2 Chevy cavalier?

The whining noise in our 2001 2.2 cavalier turned out to be the a/c compressor. It ended up going out at about 120,000 miles. I would suggest having it serviced. I wish we would have had ours serviced.

1998 Camry makes a whining noise and won't start?

It is probably the alternator that is whining - and not charging so you have run out of battery power and it won't turn over.

Why does your Honda accord make a whining noise when accelerating but stops after about 45mph?

if it sounds like a high pitched whining then it may just be your cool air intake

There is a whining noise coming from driver side of a 97 Stratus engine and its not the power steering what else could it be?

It may be the Idler pulley. I used to have a 96 Breeze with a 2.0L 4cyl that made a whining noise. I thought something might be seriously wrong, but then i discovered it was just the Idler pulley making noise. I changed it-- no more noise.

What is the Whining noise in your '03 cummins diesel?

if its a turbo that's it,if not don't know