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Yea, it's probably a problem with the transmission. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-31 16:05:53
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Q: Why does your XJ6 Auto not go into reverse gears go up and down fine driving just wont go backwards?
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94 integra auto lost reverse but have forward gears why?


How many gears are in a 1999 dodge 2500 auto diesel?

Four forward, one reverse.

What does manual transmission mean?

Manual transmission is when you use the shift stick to shift to different gears in a car instead of driving without shifting gears,which is auto transmission.

What is an auto transfusion?

it has to do with cars means at for auto transmission at is a type of motor that can change gears ratios and that can shift gears

Why is your auto trans only working if you go through the gears?

Gears is what transmission is for. No gears. No transmission!

Nissan auto transmission no drive or reverse?

it it most likely the torque converter this is the link between the engine and transmission if this is damaged the gears will not spin. hope this helps

What would cause a car not to shift gears while driving?

If it is a manual then maybe the synchro gears in the gearbox are buggered or possibly the gearbox oil is too low, if it is an auto, maybe the torque converter is stuffed, really need to know wether it is manual or auto (or some fancy kinda new gearbox)

Why doese my turbo 350 auto drive but no reverse?

do you have 1st 2nd and 3rd gear, if one of them dont work your transmiton is gone, that is what im going with. motor does not have anything to do with your gears

Does the Sony TC-WE475 Dual Auto-Reverse Cassette Deck mean it will play a tape backwards?

Auto-Reverse means that the tape deck will automatically change sides without having to remove the cassette from the deck. Once you've finished listening to Side A, it will automatically begin playing Side B.

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Why does my 1990 accord not engage transmission?

Is the car auto or manual? check fluidlevels first, have you noticed any burning smells prior to problem? Does it not engage in all gears including reverse?

Will an auto transmission be damaged if I don't come to a complete stop before changing from reverse to park as in a parking lot barely moving?

Of course it will you idiot. Think about it... while the car is going forward you slap it into reverse and the gears need to stop turning the other way BEFORE the can turn the other way around or it will grind all the gears and then you have just ruined your transmission

What actors and actresses appeared in Auto Reverse - 2005?

The cast of Auto Reverse - 2005 includes: Joris Mittelmeijer

How many gears does a 3 speed auto have?

This answer will be multiple choice........ A) If you are posing it as a "trick" question; Four. Three forward and one reverse. B) If you mean how many actual gears are physically located in the transmission; 10 to 20 "gears" maybe more depending on the manufacturer. C) If you really are talking about how many forward speeds...... The answer may be too technical.

How do you stop the Auto Reverse on the casstte deck?

Generally, the auto reverse on a cassette is triggered by a sensor located inside the deck. This sensor is a little wheel that is turned by the tape going over it. When the tape stops turning the little wheel, this triggers the auto reverse function. Unfortunately, to stop the auto reverse you'd have to take the deck apart and unhook the sensor. Sorry

How many gears has the 2.liter auto VW sharan have?

Mine is a 1997 model. It has 4 gears.

97 Hyundai Elantra auto trany 18 ltr eng the trany will not shift into any of the drive gears but does shift into reverse and will move in reverse when its trying to shift makes constant ticking sound?

check the transaxle range switch and positioning....the holes should line up in neutral

Why wont gears change in 1995 Chevy cavalier?

Auto or standard?

How many gears in an auto transmission Mazda 626 V6?


What rear gears does an 04 gto have?

3.46 for auto and manual transmission.

How many gears in auto transmission d4 option?

It is a 4 speed.

Auto reverse on Delco Cassette Player wont disengage keeps looping?

If auto reverse is stuck on a Delco Cassette Player, let the tape play until it is almost, but not quite to the end. Stop the tape and then rewind it. This should take care of the auto reverse mechanism.

If i put my 2000 ford excursion 6.8 v10 auto. tranny into gear it dies right away?

Are you putting it in reverse? Sometimes when the Transmission Fluid is very low, and you have been driving, then stop to put into reverse, the engine will cut off. Ck Trans. Fluid.

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What is the rear end gear ration for a 1966 f-150?

w/ standard trans. 273 gears & w/ auto trans. 350 gears