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I have an '01 diesel Excursion. I go through batteries about 1x per year, but only replaced my alternator 1x in 6 years.

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Q: Why does your alternator go out often in a ford excursion?
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How much is a new alternator for a ford excursion?

Autozone has hen for 250. Not sure if that is the diretion you want to go. I have a bad one and am shopping it around for someone to rebuild them instead.

Where can you go to buy a used Ford Excursion in Dallas TX?

You can check with a business such as AutoTrader to find out where private sellers have a used Ford Excursion for sale. If you're looking for a regular dealer, check out some used car shops nearby and inquire about whether they have the Ford Excursion.

How do you install an alternator on a 1997 Ford Escort?

Go to Google

How do you replace an alternator on a 1999 Ford Contour se v6?

You go to a mechanic.

How do you replace the alternator on a 2003 Ford Focus ZX3?

go to the dealership and get it fixed

Alternator fuse 1989 ford crown Victoria?

The wires that go off the alternator are fused, meaning that will break the circuit by melting.

What causes a alternator on a Ford truck 1993 to over heat?

Bad bearings in the alternator. Best to just go ahead and replace it.

How do I replace an alternator on a 2001 ford focus ZX3?

Go to Napa and buy a Repair Manual.

How much torque does a V10 ford excursion have?

a v10 ford excursion has 425 pounds/feet of torque, although if you add a chip , you'll boost ur horsepower and ur torque will go up to 500. if you do all that stuff to ur ecxursion, you'll porbably get 600-800 pounds of torque

What is the part number for 2000 Ford Excursion gas milage display?

You can go to and enter your vin and it will list any part number you need.

Why is your alternator overcharging after you replaced it and it ran fine for a week?

It is probably a bad voltage regulator. Sometimes they are located in the alternator and can go bad in a new one. On Ford vehicle the voltage regulator is separate from the alternator.

How do you replace an alternator on a ford focus 2002 zts?

Go to

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