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If the engine stops running when the key is released, then the ignition switch is probably bad. The switch will need to be replaced.

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Q: Why does your car stop running when the key is released?
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Why should you not turn the key to the start position when the car is running?

Because it will stop and then car will braked . Engine will be blow up .

Why would a car stop running while driving model 740 v0lvo?

Keep the key in the ignition, stupid...

How do you stop a car on roblox?

This depends on what kind of car you are using. If you are using a tool-based one, pressing the x key will usually stop the car. If you are using a seat-based car, letting go of the forward key will be sufficient to stop the car.

What is pit stop mode?

Usualy refers to a remote start system that allows you to remove the key while keeping the car running for a predetermined amount of time.

How do you stop a car alarm with just the key to the car?

Click the button on the remote

What would keep a car running after turning the key off?

A malfunctioning the ignition switch will allow the car to keep running after the key is turned off. You can remove the positive ground cable from the battery to shut the car off.

What do you do if you pull the key out of the ignition but the car still keeps running?

Disconnect the battery.

What is the problem when a car starts but shuts off when you release the key in the ignition switch if you keep the key turned a little it keeps running The car is a 1988 Ford Tempo?

Probably a bad key switch.

How do you Stop a car that is running?

Turn the key off --OR-- interrupt power to the fuel pump (fuse, relay) --OR-- unplug the ignition coil or module. On some newer cars, simply introducing a large enough vacuum leak will cause them to cease running.

Can an alternator stop a car from running even with a good battery?

yea to test jump start the car and turn on all electrical stuff light's eta and if the car dies the alternator is dead if car will not start turn then key and listen for a clicking if no clicking nose the starter motor is dead

Why would my car start but die as soon as the key is released?

what type of car do you own thanks

When you turn the car off its still running and you cant remove the key?

one more click

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