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Why does your central air unit blow out hot air from the vents?


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Your air handler is working but the compressor outside isn't. The air handler is responsible for pumping the cooled air through the vents and into your house. It may be located in the attic, basement, or perhaps the garage. The compressor/heat exchanger is outside. If it is damaged or has sprung a refrigerant leak, it won't cool the air. Most AC units are on different electrical circuits than the air handler. Before you call the repair man, make sure the circuit breaker or fuse for the compressor hasn't tripped or blown. In most cases where the AC isn't cooling, the problem is with insufficient refrigerant.


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Call someone to repair the outdoor unit and the vents will blow cool air.

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The HTR RR switch in a Kia Sedona determines which air vents the air is blown through from the rear heating. When it is pushed in, the lower vents blow hot air, and when it is not pushed, the roof vents blow cold air.

One way to tell if you're low on coolant on a central AC unit is to feel the air coming out of the vents. If the air is warm or room temperature, it is a sign that you are low on coolant.

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