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Actually The Real reason Is Because, His Heart Is In 2 Diffrent places, and he

can't decide which 1 to go to, and he doesn't want to hurt nither feelings so he want you and the other

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 00:16:15
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Q: Why does your ex-boyfriend want another girl and you?
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How do I get back my exboyfriend if he is in another girl's arms?

Tell him you want him back and if he doesn't want you after that then find someone else.

What do you do when your exboyfriend likes a girl you know?

Ask yourself this. IF he is your exb, do you still like him. If you see him flirting w/ another girl, talk to him and tell him that you still have feeling and are willing to try again.

Do you want your girl to sleep with another guy?

No; you do not want your girl to sleep with another guy.

How do you get a girl who still has feelings for her exboyfriend?

Just show her waht a nice guy you are

How to stop a girl from flirting with another?

with another girl ? Why would you want to stop that

What should a girl do when she love truly her exboyfriend but he has a new girlfriend?

Get him drunk and suck him off!

What if you are dating a girl but want another girl?

Be honest and stop seeing her.

How can you act like another girl?

You shouldn't want or need to act like another girl. Just be yourself.

How do you get a girl like you if she doesn't want to talk to you and has a crush on another boy?

you should probobly find another girl

How do you get a girl that does not want to date to go out with you?

Then you should move on and try another girl.

If you are a girl and you want kiss another girl how do you get her to kiss you without asking her?

you lesbian.

Is there any straight girl here who wants to have a relationship with another straight girl?

If you are are talking about a romantic relationship, the answer is no. By definition, a straight girl does not want a romantic relationship with another girl.

Why exboyfriend smile with you?

your ex may want to stay friends with you. might be wanting to repair the friendship that was once there.

What does it mean if a girl asks if you have asked another girl to a dance?

It could mean that they are wondering if you have asked another girl because they want to go with you and im a girl so this is what im thinking.

If you love a girl and you want her to be your girlfriend but she doesn't want what will you do?

Find another girlfriend who wants you

Does he want you or another girl?

There is no way to know if a guy wants you or another girl. The best way to find out what what a guy wants is to ask the guy.

What do you do if you want your exboyfriend to get back with you but he won't because he gave you to many chances?

Well there is nothing you can do about it in this situation. You could probably try to sweet talk him if you know what I mean to try and get him to give you another chance but he probably won't fall for it.

If you are a girl and you want another girl to kiss you how do you get her to kiss you?

Make sure she wants to kiss you too. Then kiss her.

How do you talk and act with an exboyfriend on the phone that you havent heard from in one month and you want to get back together with him but don't want to push him away?

Keep things casual and simple.

Realtionships I lost the love of my life to another girl and I want him backwhat should I do because I know he still loves me?

If you lost the love of you life to another girl, and you want him back, and you are still convinced that he still loves you, approach the other girl and make it clear to her.

What should you do if you like guy and he likes another girl?


Would rob Patterson be willing to meet another girl?

Only he can answer that question. I suppose if he was single and lonely he probably would want to meet another girl.

If a girl is already engaged with someone then how to impress her?

Why do you want to? Find a girl who isn't already committed to another guy.

You are a straight girl and want another girl to stop liking you how do you do it?

tell her that you are straight, she'll get over you in a little time.

How do you ask out another girl if you are already a girl?

If you already have a girlfriend and you want to ask another girl out the 1st thing you need to think about is if you really dont want to be with the girl your with and if you feel that you sont you should be truthful and break up with her 1st and tell her why because there is no need for beating around the bush and lying , then there would be no problem with you asking the other girl!

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