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If he is your ex he has no right to be making such a request. It is none of his business and it would be in your best interest to cut all ties with him.

It seems he still wants to control you even after that fact and that is just wrong.

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Is she seeing someone else?


How can you tell if someone is lying about seeing someone else?

test their urine

Is undertaker really seeing someone else?

Yes, the Undertaker is seeing Melina Perez.

What do you do when you have a girlfriend but like someone else who happens to be seeing someone?

You don't go there.

How can you tell if your guy is seeing someone else?

Ask around. Someone knows.

You think your boyfriend is seeing someone else?

Ask him, or follow him.

Do guys leave their girlfriend to be with someone else after they just had a baby?

no it usually is because they are seeing someone else or their scared of change.

When i am not seeing him anymore why can't he answer if he is seeing someone?

because he still misses you or he hasn't found anyone else or he has found someone else but this person could be somone that you know or very close with.

What does it mean when someone says they are seeing someone?

That they are not interested in you or they really are dating someone. (Else, or all ready.)

When a girl says Im kinda sorta seeing someone what does that mean?

She means that if she wasn't seeing someone else, she might be interested. Maybe.

How do you get your man back after he has walked out on you and the children and seeing someone else?

I guess I'd have to answer that question back with another question: Why would you want a man back after he has walked out on you and your children and is seeing someone else?

If your seeing a guy but kiss someone else is it over?

Only if he finds out.

What does it mean when you see a relative crying in a dream?

To see someone else crying in your dream, may be a projection of your own feelings onto someone else. If you do not cry in your waking life, then seeing someone else cry may be a little easier to deal with then seeing yourself cry.

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he needs a break and then when you are done with the break he wants to spend the rest of his life with you?

he was seeing someone else and he broke up with them just for you he was seeing someone else and he broke up with them just for you

How do you kno if your ex boyfriend is still in love with you when he is seeing someone else?

he would be with you now if he loved you, not someone else, you need to move on with your life

When seeing someone she answers you worry to much?

I'm sorry but that means she's found someone else..

When does a wife stop supporting her husband?

When she loses interest in him and is seeing someone else.

How do i unblock myself if someone else blocked me from seeing them on Face Book?

You cannot

How do you get a guy to ask you out when your seeing him so that he doesnt see someone else?

If your seeing him then why does he need to ask you out ? aren't you already together ?

What if my Boyfriend calls asks if another guy is over?

hes looking for someone or he thinks your cheating Give him a straight answer. If you are seeing somebody else, then you have nothing to hide. If you are, then you can't be upset when he starts seeing someone else, too.

How do you find out if a girl married or single?

you have to look at the way they act. if they act nervous or in a hurry then they might be seeing someone else. if they don't call you every day then they definitely are seeing someone else. talk to them, and sure she ain't taken

You just found out she is with someone else and you are heart broken what do you do?

talk to her. see how you can help repair relationship, OR confront and ask why she is seeing someone else and tell her how you feel about it

Why would a man that you love keep asking you if you are going to see someone else or make love with someone else?

maybe he is the one that is seeing or sleeping with someone else. I think you should be asking him those same questions.

Why would an ex get upset seeing you with someone else after 2 years?

they still like you and can't help getting jealous seeing you with someone new or you did something that made them mad

What do you do when you know your man seeing someone else?

Just say " What are you doing" and that is the way I would do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!