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Why does your fish keep biting the tank?

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they see a reflection of themselves in the glass and think it is another fish

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Why does your fish's tail look cut up?

If there are other fish in the tank, then it could be because the other fish are biting that one. i suggest u keep the fish in separate tanks.

How do you keep fish tank clean?

If you cant keep a fish tank clean you can buy a fish tank cleaner

How can you stop your fish from biting each other?

put them in a separate tank

How do you keep fish bowl clear?

to keep a fish tank clear, clean the tank regularly and i recommend to get a filter for it.

How do you get your bettas to stop biting each other?

If the tank is large enough place a separator in the tank if not move them apart. 1 fish one tank.

How do you keep fish from dying in a fish tank?

feed them

Can you keep a clown fish in a fish tank?


What kind of fish will keep your tank clean?

There are a variety of fish that can keep a tank clean. The type of fish will depend on the type of aquarium setup. In a freshwater tank, different types of plecostomus are most common.

What does a dream about biting fish mean?

what it means that gold fish biting me

Can you keep crawdad in fish tank?


Where should you keep your fish?


What does a air pump do for fish?

it cleans the tank and keep the fish heathy

Where can you keep the fish that you catch?

If you plan to eat them, then in the fridge or freezer depending on how long it will be before you eat them. But if you caght it and want to keep it alive, then keep it in a tank of water -- a fish tank!

Should you keep the water in your fish tank if a fish die?

Not unless you had another fish in there.

Is it better to keep fancy guppies in fish tanks or fish bowls?

fish tank

Can you stop your betta fish from biting each other?

Yes, if you separate them for 1 week in a tank with a clear divider.

What type of fish can you keep in a very small tank?

Try a clown-fish

Temperature to keep tank for star fish?

about 85F

What kind of container do you keep a crab in?

fish tank

What is the best environment to keep a goldfish in?

a fish tank!

How do you keep a lobster in a fish tank?

With great difficulty.

What nice fish an live in a 5 gal tank?

The only fish you can keep in a 5 gallon tank is one betta (Siamese fighting fish) on it's own as that is a very small tank.

How many comet fish can you keep in a fishbowl?

in my experience it depends on how big they are it depends on how big the tank and the fish are on how many you can have in the tank or bowl

What can be the lowest temperature for water in a bet ta fish tank?

The main temperature you should keep your fish tank is at 80 degrees.

How long does it take to clean your fish tank?

It depends on the size of the fish tank, the type of fish you keep, the filtration that you use on your tank, and whether you are using a bucket method, or have a gravel vacuum that attaches to a faucet