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Why does your gas hot water heater pilot keep going out?

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  • This is usually caused by a bad thermocouple. The thermocouple looks like a thick, solid copper wire screwed into the gas valve on the water heater. The pilot flame heats the tip of the thermocouple, causing it to generate a minute electrical current at low voltage, which provides power to an electric valve that controls the flow of gas to the main burner. If you attempt to relight the pilot burner and it refuses to stay lit when you release the button on the gas valve a minute, or so, after the flame has been lit, the thermocouple is the most likely cause. Replacement thermocouples are readily available from most hardware stores and can be replaced by the homeowner, using simple tools, by following the instructions on the package.
  • Another cause of the problem could be a lack of air to the combustion chamber. Newer water heaters require more volume of air due to the addition of a heat sensitive diode to the thermocouple. Not enough air flowing through the combustion chamber to carry the heat up through the flue causes heat build up, which kills the thermocouple. On my water heater, I could light the pilot and the water heater would burn for 20 minutes or so and shut off. The fix included routing the flue straight through the roof and opening floor to allow more air into the water heater compartment.
  • Another possible culprit may be water-heater vent height above the roof. In some situations this may periodically result in a downdraft that could cause the pilot light to go out. If this is the case adding to the vent height may help. Note: building code states that the B vent required height is based on the roof pitch but it must be 2 feet higher than any portion of the building within 8 feet of the vent.
  • Make sure the vent cap isn't missing or rusted through on the roof, it will cause drafts and wind to blow out the pilot.
2012-08-14 03:17:58
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Q: Why does your gas hot water heater pilot keep going out?
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Will a water heater consume gas while is not running?

A small amount to keep the pilot light going.

Why is the pilot light keep going out on your hot water heater?

Spillage excessive condensate bad thermocouple draft

Why water heater pilot won't stay on?

Thermocouple. Keep pilot knob depressed for 30 seconds after lighting pilot.

Why does your gas hot water pilot light keep going out?


If a pilot light goes out in a gas water heater does the gas keep running?

No because water heaters have a safety valves and when the pilot light goes out the safety valve shuts off the gas

Why does your pilot light keep going out on the direct vent gas water heater?

My direct vent furnace pilot light issue was the glass viewing port was missingallowing room air to blow out the pilot light. Replacing the missing glass which stopped the draft, fixed the problem.

Why does the pilot light keep going out on your hot water heater?

The thermocouple is going bad. The thermocouple is the small tube that sits in the flame from the pilot light and goes back to the gas valve. They are easy to replace and cost $6 to $8. For health and safety the failing part should be replaced without delay by a competent gas engineer.

Why does your hot water tank keep blowing the pilot out when it shuts off?

If it is windy outside, you may be getting just enough of a breeze to blow out the pilot light -even though the covers are shut. My heater is in the garage, and even w/ the garage door shut and the covers on the heater shut, very windy weather can still cause enough of a draft to blow out the pilot. You could try to find something to block drafts around the heater such as a hot water heater blanket.

Will a hole in the copper line going to a hot water heater keep the water from flowing?

No If the hole is smaller then the diameter of the supply line

Water pool heater trouble shooting?

A number of problems can cause a swimming pool heater not to work. The most common I have found is lack of water flow. A heater needs a certain amount of water flowing through it to work correctly. The next most common problem is due to the pilot not lighting or remaining lit. This is usually due to the pilot generator not working. When you light a pilot light and have to hold it for a length of time before releasing the button you are allowing the pilot generator to heat up and then stay open to keep the pilot lit. Usually you need a licensed person to do work with changing items on a gas unit. The thermostat can be a problem for any water heater. Most of the heaters I have worked on were gas. If you have an electric heater waterflow still needs to be checked and the electrical connections can become corroded in the presence of chemically treated pool water.

Is it ok to leave water in water heater over winter while not in use?

You can turn it down so that it doesn't come on much. If it is a gas heater, the pilot light might provide enough heat to keep it from freezing, but that is not certain. If there is not going to be any heat in the building, the pipes need to be drained, the heater also and anti freeze put in the drains and the toilet. This anti freeze is different than what is used in cars.

Why does your pilot light keep going out?

The pilot light burner probably needs adjustment and cleaning.

How do you keep your pilot light from going out on your gas fireplace As soon as switch it to the on position it goes out?

Check your instructions, Usually you have to keep it on pilot mode for 30 seconds then you should be able to turn it to on without the pilot flame going out.

Is gas escaping out when the water heater pilot goes out?

No, that is part of the function of the pilot light. To light the burner and to keep the gas valve open. The thermocouple sits in the flame of the pilot and produces a small electrical current that keep the gas valve open. When the tank cools down, the thermostat opens the valve to the burner so that it can light. When the pilot goes out, it is usually the thermocouple that is bad.

Why does the water cycle keep going at night?

Why does the water cycle keep going?

Gas Water Heater?

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How do you keep the gas water heater on when power outage?

It stays on UNLESS you have a commercial heater with an electronic ignition

Why does your gas hot water heater pilot keep going out on very hot days only?

"Gas hot water heater"? Why would you want to heat water if it's already hot? Down draft (spillage) Defective thermocouple Dirty fuel tube supply Improper venting Excessive humidity Excessive condensation No enough FREE AIR for proper combustion To much blow back When in doubt hire a Licensed Master plumber /gas fitter

Pilot light keep going out while central heating unit is on heating the house?

There could be a draft causing the pilot light to go out.

What happens to the water heater when the water main is turned off?

It will keep the water hot as long as the electricity or gas is on. If it's going to be off more than a day, turn the breaker or gas valve off.

Would you be able to find a shut off valve to keep water from entering heater coil?

There is no shut off valve. But you can by pass the heater core by disconnecting the 2 hoses going to the heater core. And connecting them together. The only problem with this is that you won't have any heat in the winter.

If I turn the gas on but the pilot light isn't on does the gas keep running?

On a stove it will. On a modern, code-compliant water heater, space heater or furnace it will not, because these modern appliances have electric valves that will not open if the pilot flame goes out. Once the pilot is out, the only way to get gas to flow is to push the pilot button in on the gas valve and relight the pilot flame according to the instructions. You can check for gas leaking from the pilot burner or main burner by smelling for the scent of gas, as natural gas and LPG (propane) have an odorant added to allow you to detect their presence. (Do NOT use a flame or spark to test for the presence of gas!)

Water Heater Repair?

form_title=Water Heater Repair form_header=12213 Choose any description for the problem*= [] No hot water [] Not enough hot water [] Pilot light is out [] Leaking tank [] Hot water fluctuations [] Leaking or cracked pipe [] Making noise [] Want to move to other location [] Want to replace with different type [] Other Do you know the size of your water heater you have now?*= () 30 Gallons () 40 Gallons () 50 Gallons () No water heater () Other "If a replacement is required, would you like the same type?"*= () "Yes () No, I want a different size () No, I want a tankless water heater () No, I want a solar water heater () No, I want to change to electricity () No, I want to change to natural gas () No, I want to change to propane gas () Don't Know" What is the source of heat the water heater is using?*= () Electricity () Natural gas () Propane () Don't Know

What are the most efficient gas water heaters?

Tankless. A tankless heater heats the water as you use it. It doesn't store hot water and keep it hot day and night whether any is used or not. The water is heated almost instantaneously, and the heater will keep the hot water flowing as long as the water is turned on.

How do you light the pilot on a pool heater?

Firstly, how old is your heater? Do you in fact have a pilot light or is it an electronic ignition heater? If the latter, it has no pilot.Older heaters have a gas valve knob that is rotated to "pilot" and then when ready with the ignition source, match, push the knob down and hold while holding the ignition source near the pilot flame outlet. Hold knob down for about 1 min. while pilot generator heats from that flame then let go and if the flame stays lit then rotate the knob to "heat" or "fire" or "run". In a brief amount of time the heater will fire. BE SURE TO KEEP FROM LOOKING INTO THE FIRE BOX TO WATCH THE HEATER FIRE!!!!!! STAND BACK FROM THE OPENING - YOU COULD GET BURNED OR AT LEAST LOOSE A LOT OF FACIAL HAIR AND/OR BE TERRIBLY FRIGHTENED BY THE RESULTING BLAST. Close and secure the heater door and listen for the combustion chamber to run continually.If pilot does not stay lit then it is possible that the pilot generator needs to be replaced.K