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99% of the time it is the heater resistor block, it is a bunch of resistors which gives you the different speeds. this is mounted close to the heater motor, pass side of the car. Usual cause of failure: water or snow inside the heater housing.

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Q: Why does your heater fan only run on high speed?
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Why does your Heater fan only blow on high speed?

Switch problem? Cables disconnected?

Is there relay switch for heater fan?

Yes there is, but it only operates the high speed function.

2001 echo heater fan only has high speed is it the motor or switch?

It is the resistor, replace it.

Why does the heater on a 2003 Chevrolet Tracker only work on high speed?

do you mean the speed of the fan? if so, it'a relay generaly near the motor of the fan. If it's the heat who only came at high speed, you need to add some antifreeze.

Why does my heater fan only work on a high speed and how do I fix it?

try replacing the blower motor resistor

Why does the heater fan only work on high on a 2001 safari?

Check the low speed relay and the resistor at the motor

Replaced heater fan multi speed in 1992 Olds 88 When turn car off the fan still runs Is it not hooked up properly. I replaced the heater fan itself.?

now when you say replaced heater fan multi speed are talking the fan or the switch because ther is a fan speed resitor that can go bad and fan only works on high speed which can cause conector to get very hot and cause insolation on the wires to melt and cause a short in the harness making fan run constantly.

Why would a 1997 Mustang have only medium and high speed on the heater fan?

Check the resistor pack on the evaporator case under the hood

You changed the control resistor and you still dont have a speed 5 on the heater fan you checked the fuse for the Fan and it is good. Is there another fuse for the High speed 5 setting 2001 Grand Am?

I believe you have a relay that runs the high speed for the heater fan motor. The relay should be located in the power distribution box under the hood.

Why does Heater fan not work on high speed?

2004 Chevy express van, heater has no high speed, at one time the blower stayed on even when the ignoton was turned off therefor draining the battery,

What are the symptoms of a heater blower resistor gone bad in a 2000 dodge ram van?

Blower fan inoperative or only works on high speed.

Why does the AC-Heater blower fan motor on your 2004 dodge stratus only work on high speed?

The blower motor resistor pack is bad.

What might cause the heater and air conditioner on a 1999 Mercury Cougar to cease functioning?

If you mean the fan - replace the fan speed resistor if the fan only works on high speed. Please supply more information - no heat or cooling? Does fan work? Does mode switch work?

You have a 1994 grand prix se the heater only worked on high now it doesn't work at all any ideas?

It means that when it only worked on high, that the resistor in the blower fan wiring went bad and the only speed the fan would run on would be a speed where NO resistor was being used, which is the high setting. Your fan went bad because it WAS only running on high for so long and now the entire assembly needs replaced. It's a PITA to get to because it's up in the dashboard so while you're in there, change out your heater core and wipe everything clean.

Why will the heater switch only work on number 4 on your Jeep Cherokee 2006?

If its the fan speed your talking about its likely that the speed controller on the fan is broken and had its days

How do you fix a Mercedes C180 heater fan that only works intermittently?

it is usally a dry connection on the fan speed switch

1999 ranger heater fan only runs on high setting how can you diagnose problem?

heater resister is bad

Ford Escort heater fan no high speed?

This is a very common problem. Most often the reason that a heater fan won't run on one of the speeds?æis corroded contacts in the wiring harness.

What could cause the heat switch to only operate in the 5 setting?

Most heater blaower motors have 2 relays: 1 for speeds 1-4 and a high speed fan relay for 5th speed I do not know what kind of vehicle or location of relays Most heater blaower motors have 2 relays: 1 for speeds 1-4 and a high speed fan relay for 5th speed I do not know what kind of vehicle or location of relays

1999 cutlass Heater fan switch doesn't work on 12 speed?

12 speed, you mean 1 or 2 speed? Anyway, when a fan speed control only works on high it almost always means the Resistor Pack is defective and needs replacing. It can be the speed control itself but it is highly unlikely. 99% of the time it is the Resistor Pack.

Why does 2003 Avalanche fan work on everything except high Resistor or Relay?

If only high speed is effected check the high speed relay and/or the fan switch/electrical connections for problems.

Why does my high speed fan works but air is only at half speed?

Could be a resistor problem.

Why does heater fan only work on high 98 ford expidition?

The fan control module in the engine compartment has gone bad.

Can you bypass blower resistor in 2000 ford focus?

I'm not a mechanic, but I do believe if you bypass the resister you will only have high speed on the fan. To that end, if the resister is your problem you should already have only high speed on the fan.

Air conditioner only works on high fan speed why?

Unless it is a high efficiency model 14 SEER or greater, it is only supposed to run on high speed in a/c mode and low speed in heat.