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Check the fuse for the headlights. It is probably open.


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The parking lights are turned on when the headlights are on and you pull out on the light switch. The parking lights cannot be turned on by themselves.

it could be the headlight relay. if not it may be in the switch.

depending what year check the turn signal switch. on the end if you turn it counter clockwise the parking lights should come on and if your turn it further the headlights will come on..

With most vehicles you can turn on the parking lights or the headlights and the dash illumination lights light up without turning on the ignition switch.

Do you mean the parking lights? if it's the parking lights that are on, check the switch on top of the steering column.

If parking and tailights are working could be headlight switch--rheostat for dimming control could be bad

Check fuse for parking/tailights Could be a bad headlight switch

if you've tried hitting the high/low beam switch & headlights are out on both, then a bad headlight switch or headlight switch plug or high/low beam switch plug not fully engaged.

The headlight switch may be at fault or the wiring has been altered.

Your parking/ side light/headlights switch not only rotates but also pulls out towards you thus switching your rear fog lights on. simply push switch in the way.

The headlights are a separate circuit from the others. Check the bulbs, headlight switch, Hi/Low beam switch and depending what year you have check the fuses.

If your car has daytime running lights (standard in Canada) then the only way to turn on just the parking lights is when the car is in park or neutral, the light switch is in the park light position and the parking brake is on. Then the headlights will turn off. Any other configuration means the headlights will be on. On this car, parking lights can truly only be used when parked!

Parking and dash lights also on this circuit - do they work? Check fuses Could also be a bad headlight switch

did you buy a brand new switch? or replace with another old one, i did the same thing on an old Chevy i had 2 switches, 1 would turn my headlights on but no dash, and the other would turn my dashlights on but no headlights, maybe just need to try another used switch. or by a new one.

No, the fog lights have a switch.No, the fog lights have a switch.

There should be a switch on top of your steering column that turns on/off the "Parking Lights". Check to see if that is your problem. The switch should show red on the front of it if the lights are on.

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