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By twisting sideways, you are increasing a distracting pressure within an intervertebral joint or joints (between 2 or more backbones.) As this pressure increases to a certain threshold, the tendons and ligaments cannot keep the joint or joints secured. This means that, for a fraction of a second, the joint becomes unstable and breaks away from it's current position. As the joint shifts, the surrounding muscles fire to grab hold and stabalize the structures. When this happens, there is an increase in negative pressure within the joint capsule. This negative pressure forcefully pulls nitrogen gas from the surrounding tissues. As the gasses escape, we get a cavitation or a popping sound. By popping your back over and over, you are stretching the ligaments that are responsible for securing joint structures. As these ligaments become more and more stretched, the vertebral joints are left with less and less stability. This is not a good idea to do. A chiropractor will be able to care for your spine specifically. It's different than the general abuse people do to themselves.

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Q: Why does your spine click in the middle of your back when you twist sideways?
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