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Why does your steering wheel vibrate so much when you reach 65 mph?

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Stong possiblity of tire balance problem. If you live in a cold weather State as I do, you may have ice built up on the inside of the rim causing an imbalance. Front wheels are the likely focal point.

2011-09-14 00:17:58
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Q: Why does your steering wheel vibrate so much when you reach 65 mph?
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Why does steering wheel vibrate at idle and in reverse just had a new water pump and timing belt installed and new tie rods and an alignment did not vibrate prior to this work?

mine does it too, i attribute it to the fact that the vibrations of the engine just shake the whole car, seeing how the steering wheel isn't attached by much, it'll shake, kinda like the way your rear view mirror will shake with alot of bass, vIbRaTiOnS

What can cause hard steering and rapid steering wheel return?

Too much positive caster

How much space should their be between the drivers chest and the center of the steering wheel in a vehicle equipped with an airbag?

it should be 5inches between a driver and steering wheel

How do you make a billy cart steering wheel?

well I've got my steering wheel out of an old car that's much more easy its hooking it up that's hard

How much does a modern day f1 steering wheel cost?

About 5 bucks

How much sugar in pretzels?

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How much space is there between you and the center of a steering wheel with an airbag?

You should sit comfortably holding the wheel with your arms slightly bent at the elbows. Do not sit close to, or 'crowd,' the steering wheel, or you may suffer injury when the bag deploys.

How much is a power steering motor for a 2010 chevy colbalt?

The 2010 Chevy Cobalt power steering wheel will cost you about $400.

How much does a formula one racing car steering wheel cost?

$50,000 to $100,000

What is power steering compare to manual steering?

Power steering has a pump driven of the engine that pressurizes hydraulic fluid to assist in moving the steering rack. Manual steering doesn't have the pump, so the effect to turn the steering wheel is high, especially at low speeds. Manual steering racks have a higher gear ratio to make it easier but an example is to turn your steering wheel with the engine off. You can get an idea of how much the pump helps.

What automobile dimension is standard for all cars?

Steering wheel size is pretty much standard and that is about it.

How much space should there be between the driver's chest and the center of the steering wheel?

12 to 15 inches

How much does it cost to convert a right steering wheel to the left?

Usually more than it's worth

What do you call the place that tells you how much gasoline is left behind the steering wheel in a car?

Gas gauge

In car equipped with airbag how much space between chest and steering wheel?

12-15 inches

Does a Reliant Robin have steering and power controls like a car or like a motorcycle?

Like a car. It has a key ignition, steering wheel, gear stick, and pretty much everything else like a car (apart from a fourth wheel)

How much space should there be between your chest and the center of the steering wheel?

Most defensive driving courses advise to at least have 12 to 15 inches of space between the chest and the steering wheel.

Can't turn your Ford steering wheel and start ignition?

It's easy man...Don't worry too much. Just try to start engine and the same time wiggle your steering wheel.. it will cool you down. Cheers Karen.S

How much play should your wheel have with power steering?

it is best not to have any play in your steering, and its best not to have no more than an inch of play in your steering, but if I was you I would check your inner and outer tie rod ends. power steering just makes turning your wheels doesn't contribute in steering wheel play!! you shouldn't have no more than an inch of play in your is best not to have any play in your steering. check your inner and outer tie rod ends.

When your tilt steering wheel is in the up position the Berettas will not start when you lower the steering wheel it starts fine?

It is possible that there is a wire that is frayed or cut some where in the stering colum. or it is being pinched to much when the wheel is in the up postion. if it becomes too serious have it checked by an atuo repair tech. by: wolverine

Whats the signs of a bad pitman arm?

Too much play in the steering wheel, vehicle may wander.

Why does front right wheel vibrate so much?

Hi, If you are certain it is just one wheel.Then check the wheel bearing. Jack the wheel off the floor hold the top and bottom of the wheel and see if it moves in & out. If so then a new wheel bearing is required. Tire out of balance, bent wheel, or a tire that has a broken belt, or flat spot.

Why does your car swerve while driving?

Because you have "play" in your steering wheel. Your steering mechanism is routed through a gear box. The gears in this box wear down over time creating "play" in the steering. Your steering wheel and your front wheel are no longer synchronized. This play allows you to move your steering wheel a few inches either way without actually moving the wheels. It also allows the wheels to have just as much free time as the steering wheel causing you to be almost constantly correcting the path of the car to stay in a straight line. This is why your car will move out of a straight line when you are pointing your steering straight ahead. Also, it is a road hazard because if you have to slam on your brakes you may not stay in a straight line. The "play" will allow the front of the car to violently go to the left or right.

To reduce injury in the event your air bag deploys position your body at least how much from the steering wheel?

10 inches

In a vehicle equipped with air bag how much distance should be between driver's chest and steering wheel?