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Stong possiblity of tire balance problem. If you live in a cold weather State as I do, you may have ice built up on the inside of the rim causing an imbalance. Front wheels are the likely focal point.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 00:17:58
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Q: Why does your steering wheel vibrate so much when you reach 65 mph?
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Why does steering wheel vibrate at idle and in reverse just had a new water pump and timing belt installed and new tie rods and an alignment did not vibrate prior to this work?

mine does it too, i attribute it to the fact that the vibrations of the engine just shake the whole car, seeing how the steering wheel isn't attached by much, it'll shake, kinda like the way your rear view mirror will shake with alot of bass, vIbRaTiOnS

What can cause hard steering and rapid steering wheel return?

Too much positive caster

How much space should their be between the drivers chest and the center of the steering wheel in a vehicle equipped with an airbag?

it should be 5inches between a driver and steering wheel

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How much space is there between you and the center of a steering wheel with an airbag?

You should sit comfortably holding the wheel with your arms slightly bent at the elbows. Do not sit close to, or 'crowd,' the steering wheel, or you may suffer injury when the bag deploys.

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12 to 15 inches

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