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This happens when you are going fast and you hit so it's sorta like a speed bump for bikes.

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Q: Why does your tires skid and whine when you hit a bump?
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What is skid in tires?

When the brakes are hit very hard over a short distance, the wheels of the vehicles stop but there is still momentum in the vehicle. Due to this there are skid marks on the surface it is travelling. This is called as skid in tyres.

Can you put 31x10.50x15 tires in place of 235x75x15 on 2002 blazer?

You can if you the ZR2 package. If yo don't the tires will rub when you turn the corner or hit a bump. The biggest you can go is a 30x9.50x15.

What automotive system keep the vehicles tires in contact with the road?

Nothing keeps them in contact with the road, besides gravity. If you hit a bump, the come off of it.

In volleyball what is the bump also known as?


What does it mean if your vehicle starts to skid on water?

You may have worn tires. You may be going to fast and hit a thin layer of water and do what is called "plainning'. Kind of like a flat rock skimming across water. it means the tires are hydroplaning for the above reasons

What causes a squeaking noise when a hit a bump in a 1999 Ford Expedition?

When you hit the bump, the mouse wakes up.

Why are back tires wearing from inside out and car sway from side to side when hit a bump?

I think your rear shock absorbers are Kaput. You may also have a broken sway bar.

What can you do to reduce a bump if you falls and hit your forehead causing a bump?

Put ice on it

You hit a bump and now your car is shaking?

Why is my car shaking after I hit a bump in the street?? Espeically when I put my foot on the breaks.

What does bounce steer mean?

The erratic movement of the steering wheel when you hit an obstruction in the road surface, especially when either of the front tires leaves the ground. Also referred to as bump steer.

What happens when a llama hits a bump?

what happens is when a llama hit's a bump it just ignores it but makes a burr noise and that is all it does so when you see a llama hit a bump sometimes it might do that.

Why do your back tires rub when you hit a bump?

Depends on the vehicle, your rear springs could be broken or very weak, or shocks could be totally dead. Inspect it soon, or take to a shock shop.

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