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Replace the thermostat.

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Q: Why doesnt a 2000 Chevy lumina operate at normal temperature?
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Why it is difficult for silicon to operate at high temperature?

Silicon is a semi conductor in normal temperature. At high temperature it becomes conductor rather than a semiconductor.

The engine temp on my 1997 Chevy cavalier is 195 after warm up is this normal?

Yes it is normal. That is the temperature that the engine was designed to operate.

What is the proper engine temperature for a 1995 Chevy Lumina If the reading is around the 50 percent mark is it fine or do I need to do something about it?

As long as it is in the "normal" range

How do you vary the temperature of a capacitor?

A capacitor is rated to operate in a certain temperature range. It is not designed to operate as a variable temperature device. The temperature of a capacitor depends primarily on the ambient operating temperature around it plus the frequency of operation (no of charge / discharge per second). Normal electrolytic capacitors used in consumer electronics are rated from 85 degrees Celsius to 105 degrees Celsius.

Is 98.9F a normal temperature?

98.9F is a normal temperature.

Is a temperature of 99 normal?

Is it temperature 99 is normal?

What is a normal temperature of a normal person?

the body temperature of a normal man is 37

What is normal?

normal doesnt exist fight against the norm

What a persons normal body temperature?

When a person has a normal body temperature it is ca

What is a normal office temperature?

Usually a normal office temperature is a normal room temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another name for normal body temperature?

Another name for normal body temperature is core body temperature.

What is an acceptable maximum temperature for a car radiator?

"Most engines today are designed to operate within a "normal" temperature range of about 195 to 220 degrees F.",, 2006 by RadiatorInfo

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