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Q: Why don't you all just use Yahoo Answers?
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How do you register for Yahoo Answers?

First of all you need to have a yahoo id,if you do not have,then make one and then visit yahoo answers.Click on Get Started on the right side,fill your yahoo id and password and click on sign in.You will be registered for Yahoo Answers.

Do you have to pay for emailing at yahoo?

No you dont because i have a yahoo and i email all the time and you never have to pay.

Will all yahoo answers party goers come here?


How do you unsubscribe from Yahoo answers?

Yahoo Answers is not a subscription service, so you can't unsubscribe. Only the Yahoo Answers team can DELETE a Yahoo Answers account. Closing the Yahoo EMAIL ID will eventually deactivate the linked Yahoo Answers account, but also closes everything attached to that email account. After 4 months, the Yahoo Answers profile WILL disappear and show a message stating the account has been closed. But ALL the questions and answers from that profile are still visible & searchable on the Yahoo Answers site. All IN VOTING or RESOLVED Q&A remain the property of Yahoo. The safest thing to do if a person wants to leave the Yahoo Answers site is: Click their avatar, ♦ Delete open questions and answers to open questions. Then click the 'edit my preferences' link. There: ♦ Blank out the avatar, nickname and 'About Me'. ♦ Close links to Yahoo Profile, IM and/or email. ♦ Disallow fans. Remove contacts. ♦ Set Network and Q&A to private.

How did Janet Jackson get were she is?

look some where else i dont have all the answers im just a computer.

What other site answers questions?

Other Q&A sites include AnswerBag, Yahoo! Answers, and Quora. They all are different and attract different types of people. Yahoo! Answers and Quora tend to be more cliquish. Quora also has blogs. Just check out different Q&A sites and find what you like.

Is Yahoo better than Answers .com?

Yahoo! when taken all together, has many different things like a search engine, e-mail, news and other products. only has a limited range of things it does, so you cannot compare them in that way. If you look just at Yahoo! Answers and WikiAnswers, then WikiAnswers is better.

How do you join Yahoo Answers if you don't have a Yahoo email address?

OK so make a name and birthdate and all that stuff. Then you type just your screen name (then it has at so for instance if your screen name is Anna you would put and it works! wait nononono sorry so for me, i have cox. so i put my COX email and it worked. for your screen name, you just put it as your name! like for me for my name i out Tonya Smith (dont ask i just didnt wasnt to put my name) then for your screen name it says Tonya S. and yea! so u dont need one OK!AnswerA Yahoo Answers account comes with an email.

Who are the explorers that visited New York?

There were so many I can't name 'em all try Yahoo! Answers it has better answers

What is the smallest instrument?

If you go on the wikipedia that might have all the answers and i dont know just giving you a better site.

Yahoo Answers isn't working for me but all other sites work what is wrong?

Restart the computer.

What is law of differential mass?

well firt of all you look on the yahoo to get the answer because we dont have the answer

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