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The lock actuator contains a thermistor wired in series with a small DC motor. The thermistor will quickly heat up when the lock switch is pressed. This causes the resistance to also increase qucikly there by reducing the current flow to the motor. This is a protective function that prevents damage to the lock actuator if the switch is held down too long. It should function several times before the thermister begins to limit the current but over time these devices will weaken and limit the current too quickly. Some time to the point where the doors will not lock or unlock anymore. This requires the lock actuators be replaced. The old thermistor can be removed and a new installed but this takes some effort to find the correct current value thermister.

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Q: Why dont the door locks work when you use them more then once on a 99 suburban?
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Are keyless door locks as secure as traditional keyed locks?

Keyless door locks are more secure than the traditional keyed locks because doors cannot be picked nor jammed and you will not have a problem with losing your keys. All you have to do is to enter a code.

Why are the lift locks called the lift locks?

If you are referring to a 'lift' on a lock, then this is usually a crank in a cam to allow for more space to allow clearance for the door.

Sliding door won't unlock on winstar?

There are 2 questions that address door locks - See "Related Questions" below for more

How do you turn off the automatic door locks on a 98 dodge stratus se?

close all doors. keep key off. hold down the central door lock for 10 seconds or more until you here the door locks click. then it is done

How do you use keyless door locks in your home?

Keyless door locks use a different technology to open your door. You can still use your regular key, or you can use an entry pad to unlock your door. You use a password made of numbers to unlock your door. These options can be found for multiple types of doors, including deadbolts, doorknobs, handles etc. Here is a link to tell you more:

How do you pick a mailbox lock?

Like door locks and padlocks, many of them (but not all) can be picked with a hairpin and a small screwdriver. More expensive locks may require a lock pick set.

What if some guy locks his door behind you?

Depends on what you mean by that question, if you could be more specific then i might be able to help.

What is buzzing noise when passenger door locks 94 merc grand marquis?

More than likely the gears are stripping on the door lock actuator and will soon fail to work.

How do you disable power door locks that are making grinding noises on 1992 cadillac deville?

A more or less permanent (though difficult) solution might be to remove the door panels and disconnect the lock actuator wire connectors on the offending locks. Though if you have the door open, you might want to fix the locks instead. If the motors keep running but otherwise work OK, the solution might be to check and clean the limit switches. Alternatively, you might need to replace the door lock actuators. For a quick way to silence the locks, you can pull fuse #24, which will disable all the power door locks, as well as the power seats, the rear defogger, and the remote keyless entry system.

How do you make the door locks more easy to turn on a 1989 Chevy s-10?

If you are saying the door locks are hard to manually turn, then purchase some powdered graphite. Spray the powdered graphite in each lock. Also purchase some white lithium grease in a spray can and spray each door latch.

How do I fix ac door acturator on a Chevy Suburban 2001?

Need to know what the symptoms are to better answer your question. Repost with more info.

How to fix the door locks on 1994 Chevy s-10 truck?

Need more info, need to know what the problem is.

Why are door handles made from metal?

Because metal is more durable than plastic. In a lot of cars they are plastic now, to save money and weight

How to open barn doors of suburban?

To open the suburban barn door more fully, you need to release the limiting straps (they look like black metal straps that prevent over-travel of doors). To release them, as you are opening the door, push on them to release them from the door. Once released, the door will open fully. To engage the limiting straps, simply close the doors. They will snap back into place.

Which is better minni van or suburban?

Suburban is way better more space more

How do you remove the door panel for a 98 Jetta with power windows?

There are 2 screws in the bottom of the door and 2 more under the door handle in the inside of the car just pop it off at the seems and screws will be inside pop panel off and unplug the power locks

What features come standard on a BMW 745li?

The BMW 745li comes with a host of standard features. Child safety door locks, vehicle anti-theft protection, power door locks, remote keyless entry, 4 wheel ABS, auto engage parking brake, engine oil cooler and many, many more.

Which is better a mini van or suburban?

Suburban is way better more space more Towing the family would love it. Get it

How do you reset the door locks on a 1999 Chrysler Cirrus LXI after you have hit the panic button on accident?

should be as simple as pressing the panic button one more time

Remove a door lock?

There are many different manufacturers and models of locks. Removal procedures are specific to a lot of the brands and models. More information would be required to answer your question.

What are locks keyless home securities?

They are doors that do not require a key to open, but instead they require a password. They are more sturdier than a wooden door, but becareful not to forget the password.

What is it called when locks are grouped with two or more locks?

Sounds like your referring to locks being keyed alike meaning the 1 key works in more then 1 lock? Hope this helps

If I want all of the locks on my outside doors to match, do I have to buy a whole new kit of doorknobs with one for each door?

To match they'd have to be the same,but really noone can see more than one door at a time.It shouldn't be that big a deal.

Is a 4x4 1989 1500 suburban more heavy duty than a 2wd 1500 suburban?

Yes it is.

My 1992 EB falcon has a problem with the central locking they go up and down for no reason and can do this for about half hour or more it can be a real pain when you are driving with the locks going?

Sounds like you need to repair or or replace the main master switch (The one that controls all the doors locks) that is on the drivers door.