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Short in the wiring, brake light assembly, or possibly a defective brake light switch.

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Q: Why fuse keep blown for Brake light wiring?
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How to replace a blown brake light fuse?

Remove the blown fuse. Replace it with a new fuse.

Why are the brake lights not working on a 1988 Ford country squire?

Can be a few things. Blown fuse, defective or out of adjustment brake light switch, blown brake light bulbs, loose or corroded wiring, or corroded bulb sockets.

What would cause 2000 kenworth brake lights not to work?

Blown fuse, blown relay, blown light bulbs, short in the wiring system, bad microswitch in the brake pedal... could be any of those.

What would cause brake light fuse to blow on 1997 Jeep Cherokee Removed main brake light bulbs and still blow fuse.?

A blown fuse is always a sign of excessive current flow. In this case, it's probably caused by a short circuit in the brake light wiring.

When you press the brakes you get no brake lights why?

Could be one of several reasons, Bulbs are bad, Fuse is blown, Brake light swtch is bad or out of adjustment, Damaged wiring,

Why doesn't your 1990 4runner have brake lights?

Blown bulbs, blown fuse, broken or out of adjustment brake light switch.

Would a blown brake light fuse on 03 Saturn L200 cause gear shift to malfunction. How do you change fuse for brake lights on 03 Saturn?

Yes, a blown brake light fuse causes the shift interlock to malfunction. If the interlock can't tell if the brake is depressed or not, it won't shift out of park. The brake light fuse is a 15A in the engine bay fuse box.

Why doesn't brake light come on?

Hi 5 possible causes 1 both bulbs blown 2 fuse blown 3 open circuit in wiring 4 brake light switch faulty 5 bad earth to brake lights Hope this helps you Best wishes

Why might brake lights be out on a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

either your fuse is blown or the wiring is bad

Why do my brake lights not work on 1992 Oldsmobile cutlass?

Brake light failure happens from a variety of problems, such as burned out bulbs, a short in the headlight wiring or a blown fuse. You can tell if the bulbs are out by a rapidly blinking turn indicator, a blown fuse by checking the fuse is the panel on the side of the dash, and check if its a short circuit by using a volt reader in the light socket.

What causes no brake lights 1999 dodge ram have flashers turn and running lights?

Possibly blown fuse, bad brake light switch, or blown brake light bulbs.

Your brake light or not coming on?

If your brake light is not coming on, you might have blown a fuse. You might also have a bulb that is no longer working.

How do you fix electrical wiring for brake lights for 91 chevey camaro when there is no current to the light bulb?

check wiring from battery to wiring harness to fuse (check fuse also) to harness to brake light. Check ground, too

Acura vigor brake light?

If an Acura Vigor brake light is not working there are likely two reasons. One is that a fuse is blown and the other is that the bulb is blown. It could be both.

When you turn your headlights on the instrument cluster does not come on and the brake lights and the brake running light do not come on?

You have blown a fuse, look for an acc. fuse out.

No brake light on 1998 Mazda pickup?

If there is no brake lights on a 1998 Mazda pickup, check the fuse. If the fuse has blown, the lights will not work.

Nopower gets to fuelpump?

Blown fuse, defective relay, loose or corroded wiring.Blown fuse, defective relay, loose or corroded wiring.

Why do all your lights work but your brake lights?

Uh...I would first check to make sure your bulbs are not blown. check brake light fuse. If still no trace wiring fro brake lights back. Hope this helps. You might also check the brake light switch on brake pedal.

Where is Au falcon brake light fuse?

There is a brake switch which is actually behind the brake pedal, the fuse would not have blown its more like the brake switch. Easily fixed too.

Why do your tail lights work but not your brake lights?

They are two separate circuits, each has their own fuse. The brake lights not working could be caused by a few things such as a blown fuse, blown bulbs, bad brake light switch, misadjusted brake light switch and depending on what vehicle you have, a bad signal light switch.

Why would you have no brake lights but all the other lights work?

Blown fuse or bad brake light switch?

Why do you brake lights not show when you brake?

check wiring, check bulbs, check fuse, check brake light switch,

Where is the fuse for the third brake light on a 2005 Chevy Tahoe?

Fuse for the "Third" Brake LightAlthough I have no experience with the Chevy Tahoe, the systems are similar for almost all vehicles.The third brake light is tied into the wiring for the other brake lights and is protected by the SAME fuse they are.Thus, there is no separate fuse for the third brake light.Therefore, IF your other brake lights are working, then a failure of the third brake light to activate IS NOT caused by a fuse, but instead an "open circuit" condition in the "dedicated" third brakelight wiring [from where its wire "splits" off of the wiring harness to the other brake lights].This is usually caused by a connector which has become disconnected, or a cut or broken wire.

Why my car Mercury Cougar doesn't have a brake light all three?

Blown fuse

How do you fix the brake lights on a 1992 Geo Metro?

Depends on what the problem is. It is either, defective bulbs, brake light switch, blown fuse, or wiring problem. Check the fuse first, then if all lights including the 3rd light are not working, suspect a defective or out of adjustment brake light switch. The switch is located somewhere on the brake pedal arm, or may be a pressure switch on the master cylinder.