Why glycerol used as buffer?

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it is formed in saponification process.

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Q: Why glycerol used as buffer?
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What is pinned buffer in oracle?

The buffer is in used is called as pinned buffer

How does glycerol acts as preservative?

Glycerol is used as a cryoprotectant as it protects the cell from damages due to freezing.

What is the definition of a buffer in chemistry?

A buffer is used to maintain a constant pH.

What is a buffer board?

A buffer board is a board used to amplify sound.

Can be mixed in a solution with H2CO3 to make a buffer?

H2CO3 is not used as buffer.

Why buffer register is used?

Buffer register is a device uses to hold the information used during transfer.

Which alcohol is used in manufacturing of soap?

it is glycerol.

Are glycerol and fatty acids monosaccharides?

glycerol and fatty acids are lipids. monosaccharides are term used for carbohydrates.

Is 0.10 M NaHCO3 a good buffer?

Sodium bicarbonate is used as buffer.

What can be mixed in solution with H2CO3 to make a buffer?

H2CO3 is not used as buffer.

What is the function of the blue dye added to the sample before the electrophoreses is performed?

The blue dye is usually a combination of glycerol and something else. But I believe the most important part is the glycerol. Glycerol is heavier than the buffer that you actually perform the electrophoresis in.By adding the glycerol to your sample, you give it weight so that it doesn't float around when you're trying to pipette it into your well and so that it will just fall.

How did binding buffer get its name?

A binding buffer is a substance used in chromatography to fix a specific compound.For example this buffer can be linked to a protein.

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