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Probably because there were clearly identifiable enemies (Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito) and the Allied countries could feel very virtuous about making whatever sacrifices were necessary to defeat them. Personally I think the term "good war" is contradictory and naively stupid. Do you mean "The Great War"? It was the largest conflict the world had experienced up to that time and of course it wasn't called the First World War because no one knew there would be a second until 20 years later.

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Q: Why has World War 2 been called the good war?
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Why is the war always called a world war?

only the wars with the world are called world wars Most wars are not called a 'World War'. While there have been many wars, there have been only two World Wars.

Which war was called The First Modern War?

Both the American Civil War and World War One have been called the First Modern War.

Which European countries emerged as independent states after the third world war?

There hasn't been a war called the 'Third World War'.

What were tanks called in world war 3?

There hasn't been a world war 3 yet, so no one knows.

How had World War I been good for the economy?

Because world war 1 had made the united states an international power.

What made World War 2 start?

World war 2 started by Germany didn't like Poland so the invaded the country & no one like that so they went against Germany and he fought and fought and eventually it became a war and there already had been a war called world war 1 so this war was called world war 2

Why was World War 2 called the good war?

One is because in the most basic terms, World War II was an epic battle between good and evil, and two, the United States came out of the war on top with little damage to their own country.

What happened in China after world war1?

The Chinese Civil War between the nationalists and communists restarted after a truce had been called to engage in World War I.

What was World War 2 referred as in the newspaper?

That is actually a very sensible question: World War 1 was NOT called World War 1 in the newspapers of the 1910s because nobody thought there would ever be another world war. It was called either "The World War" or "The Great War." But when the next world war broke out, because there had already been one, the newspapers of the late 1930s and early 1940s did in fact refer to "The Second World War" and also to "World War II."

Why did Americans have rations during ww3?

There has been a World War I and a World War II. There hasn't been a World War III.

Why were World War I and World War 2 called 'World' Wars?

Because most of the major countries of the world were involved. Incidentally, World War 1 was called the Great War until World War II.

Were the Germans called 'Jerries' in World War 1 as well as World War 2?

Certainly the French called them the 'Boche' and to the British they were 'Huns'.... I think this is a good Q, which means I don't know the answer !

Why was World War I called the world war?

They called world war 1 world war 1 because the whole world decided to prepare war and the Germans wanted to take over loads of country's

What was the war called after World War 2?

World war 3

What country did world war take place in?

the whole war that's why its called world war

Is there really a world war 3?

not yet.t here has not been a world war three yet... But there has been many wars since the world war 2 but none of these have been classified as a world war.

When did World War 2 become called World War 2?

it would have had to have been after WW1. they didn't know there would be a second one.

What was World War 1 called before it was called World War 1?

The Great War, or the War to end all Wars.

Was World War II good?

No war is good but World War II was actually necessary unlike the dumb Afghanistan war.

Who fought in World War 1 and World War 2?

The world. That's why its called world war,

Why was world war called world war?

it was called the world war for many reasons 1: most countries of the world fought in this war and 2: because they can call it whatever they want!

Before it was called World War 1 what was the war called?

The Great War

Why were their names called world war 1andworld war 2?

If you're asking why WWI and WWII were called World War I and World War II, it's because pretty much the entire world was in on the war.

What is a good title for world war ii?

The Good War

Why was World War 2 called the Great War?

The First World War ( 1914 to 1918 ) was also called "The Great War " at the time.