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Why has my immobizer come on in my Mazda 6 and how can I turn it off

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2012-03-24 22:39:58
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Q: Why has immobilizer come on in my Mazda 6?
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Where is the immobilizer switch Mazda rx8 2004?

immobilizer is in the key and pickup ring on the ignition lock

Do Mazda 121 metro shade have a immobilizer?

I called Mazda and they have confirmed a 2001 Mazda 121 has a factory fitted immobiliser.

Does a 98 Mazda 323 protege BA have an immobilizer?

yes, some of them, but not all.

Does a 2009 Mazda 6 come with the choice of automatic or manual transmission?

A 2009 Mazda 6 does come with the choice of automatic or manual transmission, however the prices of each are not the same, as manual is slightly more expensive.

Where is coolanttemperaturesensor on a Mazda 6?

COOLANT sensor on mazda 6 where is it

How many spark plugs on a Mazda 6 s?

A Mazda 6 s requires 6 plugs, A Mazda 6 i requires 4

What are Mazda 6 transmission problems?

What are 2006 Mazda 6 transmission problems.

What is the better buy a Mazda 6 or Hyundai Sonata?

Mazda 6

Why does Mazda 6 engine light come on after rain?

A Mazda 6 engine light could be coming on after rain because you need new spark plugs. Water could also be getting in through the cold air take causing the light to come on.

How do you get a ABS light to go off on a Mazda MX-6?

By fixing whatever has cause the light to come on.

Where can I get information on the Mazda 6 and it's features?

You can visit the Mazda website at to find information on the Mazda 6. You can also visit to get consumer reviews and other information on the Mazda 6.

How to get the immobilizer of?

were is the decoder box for the immobilizer

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