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Why has one of our two cats that have known each other for years suddenly become hostile towards the other?


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December 04, 2009 7:59PM

i have been doing much research in this department lately, as the same thing is happening at my house. what i have learned is that it is most likely a case of "misdirected aggression" meaning that something or someone has spooked one of your cats & he is now "taking it out" on your other cat. also there is a chance if the undeserving cat was out of the house (like at a vet visit) the cat that remained at home doesn't recognize the new smells attached to the cat that was away. i have been told to just try to act calm & normal & hopefully time will remedy the situation. they do sell a product at pet supply stores called Feliway or Rescue Remedy that helps these situations. it is a plug-in (like Glade) diffuser that provides "feline-friendly pheromones" to help the cats get reacquainted with each other. i am going to the store today to buy it. good luck to you!