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Please describe the noise, and as much information about it as you can so we can begin helping you troubleshoot.

Is it a whirring, grinding, whining, or other type of sound?

Do you hear the sound from all gears, or just specific ones?

Do you notice the sound at any specific RPM points?

Do you hear it when decelerating but NOT applying brakes?

Do you hear it when accelerating?

Do you hear it when maintaining a steady speed on a level road?

Does it ever seem to vary in volume according to any other conditions?

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โˆ™ 2008-02-10 01:37:03
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Q: Why have i got a Noise from 92 Japanese import gearbox when in gear and slowing down?
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Your 205 makes a grinding noise in neutral and it's recently got harder to get it into 2nd gear It also kangaroos slightly when slowing down in lower gears Any ideas on remedies appreciated?

Sounds like the diff in the gearbox is goind and will need the whole gearbox replacing soon before it fails completely.

Whining noise coming from the car when at high speed?

wheel bearing, gearbox or wind noise Supercharger?

What causes a noise to stop when pressing in the clutch?

the front end load bearing or other bearing in the gearbox will be stuffed. when you engage the clutch the gearbox doesnt have any drive thru it so stops turning and then you noise stops.

Why would your minivan make noise when accelerating?

If it's a type of clunking noise, check your gearbox. If it's some kind of rattling, check your hubcaps.

How do you say noise in Japanese?


Why is gearbox making noise when lever is moved from Park to Reverse?

What kind of noise? It could just be the park lock solenoid clicking when it releases to engage drive, this wouldn't come from the gearbox though, it would be from the gear selector unit under the centre console.

What causes a noise at the end of a gearbox on a alfa spider 1982?

Could be a universal joint going bad.

What is the whining noise from Saturn Vue front wheelwhen speeding up and slowing down?

MOst likely a wheel bearing

What could be the problem with citroen c3 there is noise coming from the gearbox area but when the clutch is fully depressed the noise goes away a new clutch kit has been fitted including thrust bear?

how long ago was the clutch fitted , what sort of noise

Chattering noise from rear of vehicle when slowing down in a 2000 silverado?

The noise that you are experiencing is probably the clutches in the differential housing. A simple cure would be an additive that can be purchased at an auto parts store.

Your car makes a grinding noise between 1st and 2nd gear?

Need a new gearbox. You get a grinding noise only in first gear when you accelerate fast . second gear and the rest should be fine.

What is a rattling noise from the gearbox?

It might not be the gearbox. Does it sound like it's coming from below the gear lever? I had the same problem in mine, and it turned out to be the exhaust, which was loose and rattling. It was fixed by putting a hard rubber spacer between the pipe and the car.

What would cause a clunking noise under the car when you but your foot on the gas or on the brakes?

Possibly a worn engine and/or gearbox mounting or exhaust mounting

What are the advantages of synchromesh gearbox?

It is compact in design but complecated. Smooth shifting of gears, noise free shifting most suitable for Passenger cars.

Why would a 2004 Buick Renedevous make a loud whistling noise when you turn off the ac?

i think it is the fan and or compresser slowing down

What sound does a Japanese mask make?

A Japanese mask is typically made of wood, and is not capable of making noise of its own volition.

On 2002 4runner why does transmission make rattling noise when cold start?

different parts inside the gearbox will have driped dry and make more noise after starting from cold this noise should go away fairly quickly as the running gears move the oil around the gear box

What does zatsune mean?

I think it means noise : | I'm not sure I typed in Zatsune Miku in a Japanese translator and it came out saying Noise Miku

Loud whine disappers when you put foot on the clutch?

generally speaking if the noise dissapears with your foot on the clutch it indicates a fault with the gearbox input/primary shaft bearing which could involve complete strip down of box in some cases. the reason the noise dissapears is that by putting the clutch down you are removing the load from the gearbox (transmission-US) hope this helps robb

What are the problems with noise pollution in Japan?

As more people pack into Japanese cities noise pollution increases proportionally. Noise pollution and air pollution are connected to an increased number of vehicles on the road.

What does 'Pikachu' mean in Japanese?

in japanese, pikachu is two separate words. pika, which is the sound of an electric spark, and chu, which means squeak

What is causing the noise you hear when you turn right left and slowing down?

Type of noise - scraping, clicking? Type of vehicle? it's neither scraping or clicking it's kind of like a humming sound vehicle is 99 le Sabre

There's a tapping or knocking noise coming from front of the car when slowing down or taking foot off accelerator 97 Lexus es300?

Check your oil level.

My 97 astro van makes a nasty grinding noise when slowing down but noise disappear when accelerating or cruising speed?

It sounds a lot like you have a brake problem. You need to get it checked out before any more serious damage is done, and it costs you a fortune.

Benefits of synchromesh gear box?

There are several benefits of using a synchromesh gear box. Smoother shifting, less gearbox wear and less noise are among the top reasons.