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Why have the contents of your radiator emptied onto your 95 Honda Passport passenger seat floor?


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2006-02-27 14:22:36
2006-02-27 14:22:36

The heater core has gone bad if there is coolant in the interior of the vehicle. The heater core is a small radiator that is located in the dash board. It radiates heat from the engine coolant into the interior of the vehicle.


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Emptied, means having removed the contents of.

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It is directly behind the radiator. To change this the radiator would have to be removed and emptied in order to change it.

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usually white smoke emptied radiator overheating etc

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First, do not run engine. Second, determine where the coolant has leaked from. Third, consult a mechanic with your findings.

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The outside of the tin is treated with an anti-oxidant, however the inside is not - as it would contaminate the contents, when the tin is opened and emptied, air can get to it.

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