Why ho chi mi of Vietnam installed statue of chhatrapatil shivaji in Vietnam?

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while vietnam is in war with america, vietnam soldiers used learn guerilla tactics by studying shivaji maharaj. shivaji maharaj used guerrilla tactics against huge moghal empire. Same way vietnam is in war with giant america, vietnami soldiers gets inspired from shivaji's example...
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How did Ho Chi Minh help North Vietnam to win the Vietnam War?

Answer . By telling both regions a inspiring communist ideology.. < possibly?. Answer: . By using our media against us. Also most of the so called civilians in the south that followed this man were actually planted there by the North to teach the communist ideology to students and others in the ( Full Answer )

Was the Ho Chi Minh Trail a short cut in Vietnam?

There were only two OTHER ways to keep men and material flowing into South Vietnam to continue the communist war effort. One, was to cross directly south across the 17th parallel, known as the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). That would have resulted in complete destruction for the communists as that was a ( Full Answer )

Why did ho chi minh start the Vietnam revolution?

Ho Chi Minh wanted NO foreign countries in Vietnam. He would accept MATERIAL assistance, possibly some advisers (on a limited basis), but after FRANCE departed, no more foreign countries would be allowed in Vietnam.. Ho Chi Minh's battles were for the purpose of ousting the French and the US, and r ( Full Answer )

What were Ho Chi Minh's goals for Vietnam?

His two main goals were to unify North and South Vietnam to bring it back to one nation the way it was before it was divided by the colonial powers, and then to make all of Vietnam communist.. To prevent French colonialism

What were Ho Chi Minh's views on Vietnam and communism and the South Vietnamese and America's involvement in the war?

"Uncle Ho", as GI's referred to him, was a communist, and was very adamant on NOT allowing any more foreigners in Vietnam, this included his superpower communist allies the Red Chinese and Soviet Union; Ho Chi Minh had spent 10 years expelling the French, no other nation was going to be allowed to g ( Full Answer )

Saigon was renamed HO Chi Minh City after the Vietnam War?

The statement is true. The North Vietnamese Army occupied the Presidential Palace in Saigon in April, 1975. Their first official act was to rename the city after former North Vietnam President Ho Chi Minh. Locals today still call the city Sai Gon. The airport three-letter designator remains SGN to t ( Full Answer )

Is there a book says Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam is not real he is Chinese the real one's died 1932?

See website: Ho Chi Minh; and check the references that are normally listed on those sites. And be advised, rumors are popular with famous people; examples:. 1. Elvis Presley is still alive.. 2. Jesse James was never assassinated, he lived to be an old man, living under an assumed name somewhere i ( Full Answer )

When the Vietnam war era what nation supported ho chi minh and north Vietnam?

CHICOM (Chinese Communist) AK-47s, and other small arms, MiG-19 (J6 versions)/trained North Vietnamese pilots in Red China; and other military equipment were supplied by Red China. USSR trained MiG-17 & MiG-21 North Vietnamese pilots in the Soviet Union, as well as supplying the jets. T54/55 medium ( Full Answer )

What is the distance between Long An and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam?

If Long An is in the old III Corp area (the old Military Region (MR) III) then it's within 50 miles of Saigon from any direction. Saigon was in III Corps. The Delta was IV Corps; Highlands II Corps, and Da Nang/Hue/Phu Bai/Quang Tri/Dong Ha was I Corps.

Why did Ho Chi Minh believe that Communism would help Vietnam?

He studied it, and became a communist on or about 1922. Like anybody that believes in anything...people believe in what ever they want to believe in...it's still happening today...instead of communism, now it's something else. Prior to the automobile, people had horse and buggys...now it's cars...ti ( Full Answer )

What is the zip code of Ho Chi Minh Vietnam?

Vietnam does not use ZIP codes (Zone Improvement Plan), which are exclusive to USPS of the United States. However, the postal code for Ho Chi Minh City is in the range of 70xxxx to 76xxxx , depending on the specific area within the city.

Is their statue of Indian hero chatrapati shivaji in Vietnam?

Yes there is a Statue of Chathrapathi Shivaji Maharajah in HO CHI MI of Vietnam. They installed it as a tribute to the great King of India. During the Vietnam War they used to study the guerrilla war tactics from the style of Shivaji

What were ho chi minhs views on the American involvement in Vietnam?

One of Ho Chi Minh's heroes was George Washington, and he wanted to be the George Washington of his country, driving out the colonializing French. He first approached the American government, writing the President to ask for help in liberating his country. He got no response, or even an acknowledgem ( Full Answer )

Ho chi minh Vietnam is what kind of tropic?

The former Saigon is located between the 15th parallel and the Equator; most of the territory positioned in those zones, Central America included, are considered tropical in climate.

What would have happened if the US had supported the government Ho Chi Minh established in Vietnam in 1945?

Ho Chi Minh certainly would have welcomed US jets, tanks, guns, small arms, trucks, ammunition, food, spare parts, engineer assets, etc. But rest assured, no US Soldier, Marine, Airmen, or Sailor would've been allowed to set foot on North Vietnamese soil! (With the exceptions of technicians/adviser ( Full Answer )

Why did ho chi minh remove french forces from Vietnam?

In 1861, the French seized control of Saigon and the rest of the south by 1867. They took control of the north by 1883. In 1940-41, the Japanese advanced into and took control of Northern and Southern French Indochina, as France had been defeated by Germany at that time. It was during this period, t ( Full Answer )

The of capital of Vietnam is ho chi minh city?

Hanoi is the capital. Saigon is the former capital of SOUTH Vietnam and was re-named Ho Chi Minh city; deservedly so, as those fellas suffered horrendously under the impact of US firepower during the war...but Saigon sounds better.

What actress went to visit a prisoner of war camp in North Vietnam and had dinner with Ho Chi Minh during the Vietnam War?

What is known, is that actress Jane Fonda went to N. Vietnam and was photographed sitting on a North Viet anti-aircraft gun, (allegedly cheering on the AAA crews as they shot at US jets over-head; although this may have been a form of embellishment as the story & photograph was spread around thru-ou ( Full Answer )

What country sent supplies to help ho chi minh free Vietnam?

Assuming you're referring to the Viet Minh during the Second World War, the United States was the primary supplier. If you're referring to the expulsion of the French, the Soviet Union and China were the primary backers of that.

Who ruled North Vietnam after Ho Chi Minh?

He was not initially replaced as president, but a "collective leadership" forming up of several ministers and military leaders took control of North Vietnam to continue his goal of conquering South Vietnam to unite it under Hồ's founding government. Tôn Đức Thắng (August 20, ( Full Answer )

Why did ho chi minh want to reunification with south Vietnam?

Having lived his whole life under the control of a European power(s), Ho was determined to oust and, once that was achieved, never again allow any foreign power to gain a foot hold in Vietnam, this would also include the USSR & Red China later (at the time in 1946 there was no N & S vietnam). Once ( Full Answer )

Was Ho Chi Minh a dictator of Vietnam?

Ho Chi Minh is a terrible leader and a dictator. He brought Communism to Vietnam, killed about 200.000 people in "cai cach ruong dat"; killed thousands of people in Tet offensive 1968, killed at least 5000 people in Hue's holocaust, etc. Not much people know the truth about him and they are seeing h ( Full Answer )

Is it hard to exchange US dollars in ho chi minh city Vietnam?

American Dollars are accepted almost universally in Vietnam, especially in the major cities. The ATM machines in HCMC (SaiGon) actually dispense Dollars or Dong! It is better to use Dong, however, to avoid 'poor math' on the exchange rate.

What turned Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam against America?

Ho Chi Minh wanted to add South Vietnam to North Vietnam. Over a number of years he built a series of roads and underground caves in preparation for his army to fight to conquer South Vietnam. Then the United States sent an army to prevent him from conquering South Vietnam. Eventually, the Americans ( Full Answer )

What is reletion between shivaji maharaj and ho chi mi at vietnam?

ho chi minh used the guerilla warfare technique for his fight which was first introduced by great maratha empirer chhatrapati shivaji maharaj in 17th century ain India. also I read in one article that there are the words carved on the ho chi minh's grave like 'the soldier of chhatrapati shivaji maha ( Full Answer )

How was Ho Chi Minh related to the Vietnam War?

He was the president of North Vietnam, and had overall directionof the invasion of South Vietnam by the North Vietnam forces whichwere supplied by Soviet Russia, and to a lesser extent, China.