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555 is an arbitrarily assigned part number for a general purpose programmable timer IC. The number itself has no special meaning.

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Q: Why ic 555 named ic 555?
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Related questions

What is the clock frequency of 555 ic timer?

The 555 IC timer does not have a clock.

Difference between 555 ic timer and 556 ic timer?

556 is a dual version of 555 single timer.

Is the 555 IC an up-down counter?

The 555 is a timer, not a counter.

What do you mean by 555 in 555 ic timer?

there are 3 resistors of 5k each...hence the name 555

What does the 555timer IC operates?

555 timer is used to generate clock signals in the ic 555 timer the pin no 8 is represents vcc

Is IC 555 can generates an Ac output signal?


How does 4017 ic works with 555 ic?

just conect gnd to the vcc

What is the function of a 555 IC?

The 555 IC is a universal timer circuit. Via the addition of external components (resistors, capacitors) the designer can generate various timing waveforms.

IC 555 as window detector?


Why 555 timer IC is given name 555?

because they really liked the number 99, so they decided to name it 555

Why is ic 555 called a timer ic?

because time can be adjusted from microseconds to hours in ic555

What is a 555 IC and what is its working logic?

The 555 timer IC is an integrated circuit ,that is used mainly in a variety of timer, pulse generation, and oscillator applications. It can be used to provide time delays.

What does Ne in ic Ne 555 mean?


What is function of ic 555?

The 555 is a timer. You provide an RC circuit for it, and when you trigger it, its output is a pulse of a known length.

What is advantages of ic 555?

The main advantage of an IC 555 is that is useful for creating different kinds of purposes like time delays, oscillator purposes, and pulse generation. The time increments are incredibly adjustable, such as from microseconds to hours.

Why we using 555 timer ic?

its cheap and easy to use.

Where can you find a 555 timer on Multisim?

Go to Place -- Components ---- Find "Mixed" in Groups --- and write 555 in components text bar, here u have IC 555

What is the meaning of LM in LM 555 IC?

It's a prefix of the IC products of 'Linear Monolithic' category of National semiconductors.

What is circuit diagram of nerve and muscle stimulator using IC 555 and IC 741?

what is circuit diagram of muscle stimulator

What is the mean of ic 555?

IC 555 is clock generator, it produces square-wave pulses that can be used as a clock source for other ICs like counters and shift registers. the frequency and duty cycle of the output signal is controlled by changing the values of capacitors and resistors attached to the 555 IC.It has two modes of operations:Monostable: Generates a single pulse once the IC 555 is triggered (change voltage level on a certain pin)Astable: Generates an infinite pulse-sequence with the required frequency and duty cycleIC 555 can provide a wide range of output signal voltage

What is the equivalent component to use in the place of IC 555?

Only a 555 can replace a 555, there is no equivalent. 555s are made by many companies, each with their own prefixes and suffixes, but all are 555s.

Why 555 timer IC called so?

arbitrary part ID number

What is function of capacitor in 555 IC?

the capacitor and its associated resistor set the time constant.

555 ic pin configuration?

For what design go to and look oit up

What are the five basic elements in a 555 timer IC?

Inverter, comparator, RS flip-flop, and transistor