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Why is 2001 coolant temperature gage sometimes goes from 190 to 0 while driving and vice versa?

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the coolant temperature sensor is faulty. It will need to be replaced

2007-03-22 23:53:54
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How do you know if your radiator is filled to capacity?

Most modern vehicles have a reservoir from which extra coolant can flow to the radiator and vice versa. Coolant in this reservoir usually indicates the radiator has sufficient fluid. Checking the radiator by opening the cap is a secondary means but the level may vary by temperature.

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When you have a blown head gasket where does the coolant and oil mix together or vice versa?

The coolant will seep down through the cylinder wall into the oil pan.

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Water vapor and unburned oil in exhaust?

Do you have oil in the coolant, or vice versa? Likely, you've got a cracked head.

What is the sensor on the right cylinder head?

It could possibly be the Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor (CHTS) which monitors the temperature of the coolant/water circulating through the cylinder head, and tells the computer to increase or decrease the injector spray length. Warmer temperatures = shorter sprays of fuel from injectors, and vice versa. -Anthony C.

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What would cause 1994 cadillac deville engine overheating I changed the thermostat coolant temp sensor radiator and water pump. when i removed number 4 cyl plug it was orange?

Are you loosing coolant? Is coolant getting mixed with oil or vice versa? Run engine to normal opeating temperature Remove dipstick and let a drop fall onto a hot engine part Oil will smoke coolant will sizzle Do a compression test 2 adjacient cylinders with low readings indicate a leaking head gasket

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