Why is Buddhism great?

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Some people describe Buddhism as great because it offers people the chance to follow a path that leads to a permanant end to suffering.

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Q: Why is Buddhism great?
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What ruler help spread Buddhism?


What celebrations does Buddhism people do?

Buddhism is a religion where people celebrate the life of Buddha a great leader

When do they celebrate Buddhism?

Everyday as it is a great gift.

What is the impact of Buddhism on India?

Buddhism had a great impact on India. The Buddhists rejected the Caste System, which the Hinduists did not.

What has prince shotoku done for Buddhism?

He was a great patron of Buddhism and built the Horyuji Temple in Nara, Japan.

Which of this is not one of the three great religions in the world?


What two great religious that developed in India?

Buddhism and Hinduism

How were Buddhism and Hinduism?

They were, and still are great! Please be more specific.

Who is the great mauyra king who helped spread Buddhism?


What is bodhisattva?

Bodhisattva is a term in Buddhism that means "great wise being" or "great wise angel".

Who created Tibetan Buddhism?

Tibetan Buddhism dates back to the time of king Trison Detsen. The king invited great masters from India to come to Tibet and introduce Buddhism. These great masters were Shantarakshita, Vimalamitra and Guru Padmasambhava. Tibetans see Guru Padamsambhava as the founder of Tibetan Buddhism (and they also see him as the second Buddha).

How does Buddhism and Hinduism have an effect on India?

Buddhism & Hinduism both had a great impact on India. In religious beliefs & also in laws or modern India.

Who is the spiritual leader of Buddhism?

In Buddhism, they don't use the term " spiritual leader". Buddhists refer Buddha as a "Great Teacher or Instructor" but not as a "leader".

In Zen Buddhism what is the teaching that has never been taught?

Great koan.

How many people from Thailand are Buddhist?

Great Majority of Thais are Buddhism

Who was an emperor in India that helped spread Buddhism?

The Great King Ashoka

Where can one find more information on Tibetan Buddhism?

One may find more information in Tibetan Buddhism at Wikipedia. They have a great page that explains the origins, history and popular beliefs of Tibetan Buddhism.

How has Siddharta Gautama influenced the rest of the world?

He is the founder of Buddhism and its first great teacher, and the first Buddha. He established the fundamental teachings and philosophies of Buddhism.

How is zen Buddhism different from Indian Buddhism?

Zen places great emphasis on obtaining individual awareness through meditation, and less on teachings and writings.

What are the four great unlimitables in Buddhism?

The Four Great Unlimitables are compassion, love and kindness, sympathetic joy and equanimity.

What major event most contributed to the spread of Buddhism?

The conversion of Ashoka the Great.

Who is the supreme power of Judaism and Buddhism?

Judaism has as the Supreme Power the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as described in the Old Testament. Buddhism has no great unifying deity.

What is the most commonly practiced form of Buddhism?

The most commonly practiced form of Buddhism is Mahayana Buddhism. The word Mahayana translates from the Sanskrit as "great raft". It is believed to be a vehicle that carries large numbers of people toward enlightenment.

What religion is most similar to Buddhism?

That's a great question. I would think that Jainism is the most like Buddhism. They are both Dharmic religions with very similar beliefs.

What religion is most common to Buddhism?

That's a great question. I would think that Jainism is the most like Buddhism. They are both Dharmic religions with very similar beliefs.