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It stands for "Confederatio Helvetica," Latin for Swiss Confederation. Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanisch. In order to not play favorites, the official name is in Latin.

Switzerland is made up of many Cantons which together form a confederation.

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Q: Why is CH the international abbreviation for Switzerland?
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What is the abbreviation for Switzerland?


CH is the abbreviation for which country?


Why is the acronym for Switzerland CH?

:-) because "S" was already taken by Sweden :-) CH means confoederatio helvetica, Swiss or helvetic confederation... and is the international abbreviation for Switzerland (as D for Germany or I for Italy or GB for the United Kingdom). In sports the international abbreviation is SUI (Suisse, french for Switzerland)... again like GER for Germany ITA for Italy or GBR for the United Kingdom.

How do you abbreveate Switzerland?

The abbreviation for Switzerland is CH after its official name, Confederatio Helvetica.

What does CH stand for on a car sticker?

CH is the international badge for Switzerland, or Helvetia.

Why do they put ch at the end of a Switzerland car?

CH is the abbreviation of Switzerland's official name Confederatio Helvetica.

What are the international registration letters of a vehicle from Switzerland?


Switzerland becomes CH?

Country-names: Switzerland International country-abbreviations (as used on number-plates): CH CH = confoederatio helvetica or Swiss confederation

What international car registration plate has ch on it?

Switzerland, CH stands for Confederatio Helvetica

CH is the international car registration plate from which country?

CH is Switzerland. It stands for Confoederatio Helvetica

What is the abbreviation of Switzerland?

It is "CH". It stands for "Confederatio Helvetica," which means Swiss Confederation in Latin.

What country has the initials CH?

If you mean the international car registration then it is Switzerland

Is sui the abbreviation for Switzerland?

SUI is the French abbreviation for Switzerland, Sz is for Germany, and CH the Latin abbreviation which is the official abbreviation for Switzerland. It depends on the issue: Official country abbreviation is only 'CH' (confoederatio helvetica). As postal code addition or car identifier, etc. This is equivalent to what other countries use... i.e. 'F' for France, 'D' for Germany... In sports the official abbreviation of Switzerland is 'SUI' (from Suisse, french for Switzerland). This is equivalent to what other countries use... i.e. 'FRA' for France, 'GER' for Germany... You may find differences... but this should be used for the specific issues.

What the relation between ch and Switzerland?

CH is the official abbreviation for Switzerland. The official name of Switzerland, in the 4 official languages is: German: Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft French: Confédération suisse Italian: Confederazione Svizzer Romansh: Confederaziun svizra All these translate as "Swiss Confederation". If there is no room for all 4 versions, for example on coins or stamps, the Latin version is used for neutrality: Confoederatio Helvetica This is also the origin of the official abbreviation: "CH", used on the internet and on road vehicle international registration plates.

What European country uses its Latin name Helvetia on stamps?

Switzerland, named CH, confoederatio helvetica, which is the abbreviation for Confederation of Helvetia is the origin of their ch internet country code.

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What is switzerland country code?

ISO country code: CH Internet country code: .ch Vehicle registration code: CH Aircraft registration code: HB International telephone dialling code: +41

Abbreviation for international?

abbreviation for the word "international"

What is the abbrevation for Switzerland?

The normal abbreviation for Switzerland is CH.CH = Confoederatio HelveticaThis is the official name of Switzerland in Latin. In English it translates as "Swiss Confederation". Latin is chosen in order to be neutral between Switzerland's four official languages.Swiss coins are marked "Confoederatio Helvetica", on banknotes there is enough room to put all four languages.

What is CH stand for in Geneva?

Confoederatio Helvetica (Latin for Helvetican Confederation) - the official abbreviation for Switzerland, as seen on car licence plates and website addresses. It was chosen as the official abbreviation for Switzerland as the country was multilingual and was unsure what to use. To stay neutral, they chose a Latin name. "Helvetica" was the Roman name for roughly the area of present-day Switzerland.

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