Australian Capital Territory and Canberra

Why is Canberra in the news most nights?

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Canberra is the capital of Australia and is the center of government. Parliament sits there, and most government departments and officials have their headquarters there.

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What is the most important thing about Canberra Australia?

Canberra is the National Capital of Australia and the seat of Federal Government.

What is the most expensive suburb in canberra?


What important Commonwealth building can be found in Canberra?

Parliament House is arguably the most important commonwealth building in Canberra.

Is Canberra north of Adelaide?

Not at all. Canberra lies east southeast of Adelaide, about 960 km away, as the crow flies. Canberra is the third most southerly capital city in Australia.

What is the largest church in Canberra?

Most likely Canberra CLC. I go to another Church (LifeCity Church) but CLC is the biggest numerically

Weather in Canberra?

On average Canberra has seven hours of sunshine a day all year round, which, together with a low rainfall average. Summer weather in Canberra is generally hot and dry with mild easterly and north-westerly winds prevailing. Nights become cooler when autumn sets in, and winter is characterised by the arrival of numerous cold fronts. Temperatures may be lower in winter, but the sun still shines most of the time. October is on average the wettest month, though rainfall is minimal.

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Capital of canberra?

Canberra is the capital of Australia as well as the area around the city.

Canberra is the capital of?

Canberra is the capital of Australia.

What is good about Canberra?

Tour Canberra link.

What is the slogan of Canberra?

"Canberra the Nations Capital"

How many kilometres from Canberra airport to Canberra CBD?

12 k's from Canberra city to the airport.

How many hospitals are there in Canberra?

There was two: Woden Hospital Canberra Hospital But Canberra hospital was knocked down and Woden Hospital was renamed Canberra hospital.

Why television news is most believable news?

Television news is most believable news because it is live from the scene and it is modern. :)

Does Kevin Rudd live in Canberra?

When he was Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd lived in Canberra for most of the year when undertaking his ministerial duties, but his home (and his electorate) is in Brisbane, Queensland.

When has it snowed in Canberra?

Every couple of winters. Most recent is August 2012

Is canberra in Guatemala?

No. Canberra is the national capital of Australia.

How long has Canberra existed?

Canberra was founded in 1913.

How many people in Canberra?

Canberra - Population: 340,800

Is camberra a city?

No, but Canberra is. Canberra is the capital of Australia.

What is Canberra to Australia?

Canberra is Australia's capital city.

What the capital of Canberra?

Canberra is the capital city of Australia.

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