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Why is Chev 305 backfiring on acceleration?

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Check/replace the spark plugs and wires. If you're not going to replace the plugs make sure the gap is correct (should be either .040 or .060) and make sure the plugs are clean of oil or gas. If it still backfires after you replace the plugs/wires check the distributor and the timing.

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Will the distributor from a 1986 chev half ton 305 chev fit a 1989 305 chev engine?

yes, HEI distributor

Will a 95 chev 305 fit into a 76 chev?

yes it will

Can a 87 350 chev engine go in a 75 1 ton chev with a 305?


What is the timing for a chev 305?

8 deg. BTDC

What trans in 84 chev truck with a 305?


How do you set timing on a 305 motor?

what are the timing marks on a chev 305 motor for the year 1995.

Will a flywheel from a 350 work on a 305 chev truck?


Would a turbo 350 bolt to a 305 oldmobile?

The Oldsmobile block is a different Bell housing pattern than the Chev But Most 305 were the Chev engine regardless what GM product they popped up in

How much is a 1989 chev camaro iroc 305 worth today?


What carb is oe on 1978 chev c10 with 305 auto?

Rochester 2-jet (2gc)

What is the horsepower of an 84 chev 305?

a 305 Chevy makes about 160 horsepower, though if its set up right it can make up to 350 without major modification

How does oil get into coolant in a chev y 305?

blown Head gasket/warped heads/cracked block

What can i do to a 85' Chevy 305 to get more horsepower and better acceleration for cheap?

turn the last two numbers in 305 around and you have the answer

Where are the timing marks 0n a 1989 chev caprice 305 engine?

looking down from (ONTOP) of the engine they are behind the water pump

Ford Explorer backfires slow acceleration?

Your Ford Explorer could be backfiring because of bad gas. You may want to have it looked at by a local professional.

Why would a Datsun pickup have excessive fuel usage with backfiring on acceleration?

Out of time or spark plug wires installed incorrectly. The distributor may be worn out.

What would cause a 1990 Chev 305 truck to start to over-rev when the throttle has not been depressed?

A major vaccum leak.

Is a 305 chev engine and a Oldsmobile 307 engine the same?

Despite being nearly the same size, they are 2 very different engines

How do you prohibit a car from backfiring?

Backfiring is a sign of improper ignition timing.

What would cause a 1989 Chev 305 to turn over but not start?

Would likely be caused by a lack of fuel, lack of air, or lack of spark.

Where is the idle screw on a 1985 Chev C10 305 4 bbl?

If it is a federal vehicle you can't adjust it.has IDLE control valve.that sucks,huh.

Picture of timing tab marks on 79 olds with a 305 chev engine?

If you will look stright down behind the water pump, you will see the timing tab.

What size engine block is in the 95 caprice it says 43 but you am not sure 305 350?

Neither. It is 265 cubic in. A 305 is considered a 5.0L and a 350 is considered a 5.7L. still a v8 tho smallest one chev makes There were two engines that year. A 262.4 cubic inch V8 and the 350 V8. No 289 or 305.

What intake manifold should you get for your 92 chev 305 with a holley 600 cfm carb?

A 2-plane manifold such as the Edelbrock Performer or similar would be a good choice.

What does backfiring mean?

"Backfiring" is the present participle of the verb "backfire", to fail in a manner to bring about further misfortune.

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