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Why is Clarence Earl Gideon's self prepared petition in forma pauperis such a good example of democracy in action?


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November 08, 2007 8:48PM

Because: (1) He had no "reputation". (2) He was a, multiple times, convicted criminal. (3) He had no education (8th grade, only). (4) He had no money, could not hold down a regular job. (5) He had "no social standing, and "meant" nothing to the community. (6) He, according to all my research, had no real friends or support system. By "some persons", I supose, they would consider him "a nobody"....But, he was bull-headed, and determined. Given the opportunity, with information at his disposal, and via the post office, he got through to the democratic system of our government, with his assertion of "due process" rights,...all the way to the Supreme Court of these United States of America. If only I could, if it were me.