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Why Conn. is called "The Nutmeg State" Connecticut's official nickname, adopted in 1959, is "The Constitution State," based on its colonial constitution of 1638-39.

Unofficially (but popularly) Connecticut is also known as "The Nutmeg State".

The nutmeg connection to Connecticut may come from its sailors returning from voyages with nutmeg (which in the 18th and 19th centuries was a very valuable spice in New England). It is also said to come from Connecticut Yankee peddlers who would sell small carved nobs of wood shaped to look like nutmeg to the local Native Americans and other unsuspecting customers.

Since my family settled the town today known as Cheshire in the mid-1600s, I know whereof I speak.

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Why is the state of Connecticut called the Constitution State?

Connecticut was designated the �Constitution State� by the General Assembly in 1959. As early as the 19th Century, John Fiske, a popular historian from Connecticut, made the claim that the Fundamental Orders of 1638/39 were the first written constitution in history. Some contemporary histo ( Full Answer )

What is the state tree of Connecticut?

White Oak . Connecticut's state tree is the White Oak ( Quercus Alba ) so designated on April 16, 1947. . The Charter Oak is not the state tree, but rather a specific tree of note in the history of the state. (See Related Links, below.)

What is the state song of Connecticut?

Yankee Doodle Yankee Doodle went to town, Riding on a pony, Stuck a feather in his hat, And called it macaroni. Yankee Doodle keep it up, Yankee Doodle dandy, Mind the music and the step, And with the folks be handy.

How did Connecticut get its nickname The Constitution State?

Connecticut was designated the "Constitution State" by the General Assembly in 1959. As early as the 19th Century, John Fiske, a popular historian from Connecticut, made the claim that the Fundamental Orders of 1638/39 were the first written constitution in history. Some contemporary historians di ( Full Answer )

When did Connecticut become state?

Connecticut became a state on January 9, 1788. It was the fifthstate of the United State. The state capital is Hartford.

Who is Connecticuts state treasurer?

Connecticut State Treasurer From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Connecticut State Treasurer serves the office of treasurer for the state of Connecticut. List of State Treasurers # Name Took office Left office Party . 1. Thomas Welles. 1639. 1641. 2. William Whiting. ( Full Answer )

What does nutmeg do?

Nutmeg is a tree seed from an evergreen tree that grows in Indonesia. It is used in many sweet and savory dishes, is often added to cream sauces, and is used in making hot drinks. Large amounts of nutmeg can be toxic.

Who is the state hero of Connecticut?

An initial answer: . Israel Putnam. In reply: . All sources I can find list Captain Nathan Hale as the state hero of Connecticut, including the state's own website.. Although Wikipedia's article on Putnam mentions an article/book on him called The Life and Heroic Exploits of Israel Putnam ( Full Answer )

Why is Connecticut called the state of steady habits?

Connecticut was termed "The Land of Steady Habits," which is a nickname resulting from the strict morals of its inhabitants, who in the colony's earliest days were governed by rigid Blue Laws regulating public morality. Although Blue Laws no longer exist, this term is still recognized across the sta ( Full Answer )

What state is due west of Connecticut?

Connecticut is bordered by New York to the west. It also isbordered by Rhode Island to the east, Massachusetts to the north,and Long Island Sound to the south.

What are some of the state animals of Connecticut?

The state animal of Connecticut is the sperm whale, the state bird is the American Robin, the state insect is the European Praying Mantis, and the state shellfish is the oyster.

Is Connecticut a state?

Yes, Connecticut has been a state since it was admitted to the union on January 9, 1788. It is the 5th state in the United States. Yes, Eastern, US.

What is the state of Connecticut?

The state of Connecticut is one of the fifty states of the United States of America and was the fifth state admitted into the union, as well as one of the first thirteen colonies that reached from the current Eastern United States to Georgia. Connecticut was admitted in 1756.

What state is due east of Connecticut?

RhodeIsland. Connecticut is alsooften grouped along with New York and New Jersey as the Tri-Statearea. It is bordered by Rhode Island to the east,Massachusetts to the north, New York to the west, and Long IslandSound to the south..

How many state parks are in Connecticut?

Connecticut has 107 state parks and 32 state forests to enjoy avariety of recreational opportunities. Hiking, biking, camping,boating, swimming, fishing, or wildlife viewing while learningabout the natural, historical and cultural legacy of this greatstate are just some of the activities on offer. F ( Full Answer )

Was Connecticut a free state?

Yes, leading up to the civil War Connecticut was not a slave state. However, the state had a history of involvement in the slave trade during the colonial era.

What states benefited from Connecticut Compromise?

The small state benefited from that cuz.....big states did want to share their power equally ....So small states protested that to prevent this problem they established bicameral ( tow houses )..... :) I hope this is help full for you..

What is connecticut state mammal?

Connecticut's state mammal was chosen for its importance in thehistory of the state. This mammal is the sperm whale.

What is on the Connecticut State Quarter?

The Charter Oak, the oak tree used by colonists in 1687 to hide the colony's charter from British authorities who had been sent to revoke it. See Wikipedia entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charter_Oak .

Which state is south of Connecticut?

The state south of Connecticut is New York. To the south of Connecticut is the Long Island Sound. To the south of that body of water is Long Island, part of the state of New York.

How many Mormons are the state of Connecticut?

Year-end 2008 records of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" Church) list 14,579 baptized members of the Church in Connecticut. You can view and interactive map of Church membership at the "Related Links" below.

What is Connecticuts state drink?

Connecticut does not have a state drink. I'm sorry for you who are looking for it. look it up on Bing and see what pops up!

Was Connecticut a farming state?

yes it was a farming state, but not many people farmed because Connecticut does not have a lot of flat land. The middle colonies and some of the southern colonies have more flat land and a lot of farming spots.

What is a state of Connecticut dot maintainer?

D.O.T. is an acronym, or abbreviation, for Department of Transportation. A maintainer, or supervisor, of D.O.T. is a very important person within the works. The main mission of the Department of Transportation is to provide road ways, snow removal from main routes, and a safe traffic environment (sp ( Full Answer )

Who discovered the state of Connecticut?

The first European to discover the area now called Connecticut was Dutch trader Adriaen Block, who explored from New Amsterdam (New York) up the Connecticut River. He founded the first European settlement in Connecticut, a trading post just north of where modern-day Hartford is located. . Thomas ( Full Answer )

Is Connecticut a blue state?

CT is a Red state. It shows blue due to the large, decrepit cities supported by one party rule. These "leaders", utilizing white liberal guilt, parasitic unions and legislation steal from the state's many productive citizens (the Red that makes CT) to buy the vote of perpetually impoverished, and of ( Full Answer )

What are the bordering states around Connecticut?

The state of Connecticut is in the northeastern United States. It is bordered by Massachusetts on the north, Rhode Island on the east, and New York on the south and west.

What is the state flower in Connecticut?

The Connecticut State flower is the Mountain Laurel. It has poisonous leaves, white and pink flowers that bloom from May through July, grows up to 15ft.,and has star shaped leaves.

Is Connecticut the fiftieth state?

No, Hawaii is the 50th state of the USA, as of August 21, 1959.Connecticut is the 5th state, as of January 9, 1788.

Is Connecticut or Vermont a larger state?

Connecticut is larger based onpopulation. Vermont is larger based on total area. Vermont is the49th largest U.S. state based on population and the 45th largeststate based on total area. Connecticut is the 29th largest U.S.state based on population and the 48th largest state based on totalarea.