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He is considered the greatest of the Founding Fathers because he is the Father of the United States of America.

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Q: Why is George Washington considered the greatest of the Founding Fathers?
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Who are the founding fathers in the USA?

George Washington

Who was the founding fathers of our county?

george washington

Which founding fathers did not sign the constitution?

George Washington

Benevolent founding fathers' birthday?

George Washington

Who was the benevolent founding fathers' Birthday?

George Washington

IsGeorge Washington a American founding fathers?

Yes, he was the first American founding father.

Which founding father did not go to college?

Out of all the Founding Fathers, the only one who did not attend college was George Washington. He was one of the seven Founding Fathers from Virginia.

Why were George Washington and Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison the four founding fathers?

They are Founding Fathers because they played an important part in the founding of the Unites States. However, they are not the only people considered Founding Fathers. There were a great many and any attempt to make a list would surely miss some.

What founding fathers were part of the constitution convention?

washington and lincoln

Who was the oldest founding father to become President?

Washington was older than Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe, the others who can be considered founding fathers, but Adams was older when he took office than Washington had been.

Which of the founders was president?

The first five Presidents, Washington, John Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe are all considered to be founding fathers.

Which of the founding fathers attended the inaugration of George Washington?

Thomas Jefferson

What are the names of the four founding fathers?

Washington, Madison, Jefferson, and Adams.

Why is Washington honored in Washington DC?

Because he was the first president (as well as one of the founding fathers).

Which philosopher had the greatest impact on the founding fathers and the Declaration of independence?

thomas hobbes

Who were some of the founding fathers?

John Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams are some of the founding fathers.

What are the founding fathers names?

George Washington, Tomas Jefferson, John Adam's.

What are the 6 founding fathers?

Washington, Madison, Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, and Hamilton

Who is responsible for the constitution?

The founding fathers (John Adams, George Washington, etc).

Who are considered to be the founding fathers of the Enlightenment?

Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes

Who are the four Founding Fathers?

The delegates to the Constitutional Convention can be considered the Founding Fathers of the United States. There were 55 who attended the convention. Some are better known than others, like Hamilton, Washington, and Madison. This site has a listing by state of all the Founding Fathers and a biography of each. MrV

When did the founding fathers become founding fathers?

I think on 1943

Who do you call these men George Washington Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton?

Founding Fathers

How many founding fathers were Episcopalian or Church of England?

I know George Washington was Episcopalian.

Did any of the founding fathers fight in the French and Indian war?

George Washington FLVS:)