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VIII is eight in Roman Numerals - he was the eighth king named Henry.

It is a convention to write monarchs names in the form "Henry VIII" and this is pronounced "Henry the eighth."

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Q: Why is Henry VIII called Henry VIII?
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Related questions

What was Henry viii's farthers name?

Henry VIII's father was called Henry Tudor - Henry VII of england.

What is Henry the viii mam called?

Henry VIII's mother was Elizabeth of York.

What does viii stand for in Henry VIII's name?

VIII is 8 in Roman Numerals, which means Henry VIII was the eighth King of England to be called Henry.

Henry VIII real name?

Henry Tudor. He is only called Henry VIII because he was the eighth English monarch called henry.

Did Henry VIII deserve to be called Henry the great?

No, that is why he is not called it

What was Henry VIII 5 wife called?

Henry VIII's fifth wife was Catherine Howard.

Who was Henry the VIII 1st wife called?

Henry VIII's first wife was Catherine of Aragon.

Did Henry VIII have his own private orchestra?

Henry VIII probably did have his own orchestra. He could have called it 'Henry's Quartet'.

Why did Henry VIII get called Henry?

He was named after his father Henry VII

Why did Henry VIII get called Henry VIII?

Henry VIII is the 8th king named Henry. It would be very confusing, if say all the Henry's were not numbered. Edward VI (Henry's son) is the sixth Edward to reign as King of Engalnd.

What did Thomas Cromwell do to upset Henry VIII?

Arrange the marriage between Henry VIII and Ann of Cleeves, who Henry called the Flander's Mare.

Why was Henry VIII called fidei defensor?

fidei was given to Henry viii by the pope but sorry i don't know why

Was Henry VIII called Henry Tudor?

Yes he was known as Henry Tudor.

What was Henry VIII nurce called?

it was called harry

What was the name of Henry VIII's nurse?

Henry VIII's wet nurse (who breastfed him as a baby) was named Anne Luke, very little is know about her except she attended his coronation in 1509 The nurse of Henry the VIII was called Margaret Seymour

What was the surname of Henry VIII?

Henry VIII's surname wasTudor that's why his Father was called Henry Tudor and reining from Henry VII to Elizabeth I was called the Tudor Rein

Why did Henry get the name Henry VIII?

Because he was the eighth king in England called Henry.

What were Henry VIII parents called?

Elizabeth of York and Henry VII (Henry Tudor)

Was Henry VIII called harry?

Yes, Henry VIII was called Harry, especially among family members. The name "Harry" was originally considered to be the spoken form of the name Henry that is common in England.

What was king Henry the VIII first wife called?

The first wife of King VIII was called Catherine of Aragon.

What was the name of the religion of Henry VIII?

Henry VIII was born a roman catholic, but when he asked for a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, the pope said no. Then, Henry VIII got angry and broke his alliance with the Pope. Henry VIII created a religion called the 'Protestant' religion, which is headed by the current king or queen. After creating the protestant religion, Henry VIII became a protestant.

Who was the father of Henry VIII?

Henry VII Henry VIII's father was also called Henry. He was Henry VII who had defeated Richard III in the war of the roses to win the English crown.

What was Henry VIII monkey called?


What was henryviii dad called?

Henry VIII's father was Henry VII of England.

Henry VIII did he have a leg wound?

Henry the viii got a wound in a joust that lead to a disease called gout and sent his leg manky.