Why is JS Bach so famous?

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Bach has been called the father of Classical Music because he understood musical form and phrasing perfectly (If you know anyone who is into Music Theory, they should be able to tell you all about analyzing Bach's piano was all I did in Music theory Level 2!) If you can get into classical music, then just put on the Brandenburg Concertos, or Tocatta in D minor (the "Dracula" song) and listen. Let your ears and mind tell you why he's the man! His music is psychological; it gets into your head and puts you in an amazing place. I feel very relaxed, yet very powerful when I listen to Bach. I know I'm opinionated, but just give him a listen...and keep listening, you'll have the songs stuck in your head before you know it, and that is not a bad thing!


Very simply: in his day he was regarded by far the greatest keyboard player (on organ, harpsichord, clavichord and very briefly on piano), as well as an exquisite violinist; his compositions reflect the vast knowledge and experience he had with the music of the time, and he was such an intuitive and complete master of musical forms that he was able in his vocal music to write appropriately with the text, and create riddles and little games in his later music (such as the 'musical offering', BWV 1079). He inspired many of the later composers who are now regarded the pinnacle of musical understanding - his son, C.P.E. Bach, was one of the greatest influences on Mozart; his works for the well-tempered clavier were the way Beethoven became famous as a player; and his St Matthew's Passion was a huge hit (conducted by Mendelssohn) that revived interest in the whole Baroque era and in Bach's works (and that is also how Vivaldi came to be known, though Bach transcriptions of his works). He was a pioneer of forms in his day, such as the toccata form, and had mastered both the traditional Italian styles and the emerging German styles.

Johann Sebastian Bach was a great composer in the Baroque musical period. His great musical talent is known worldwide, and he has composed many compositions.

In the Baroque period, the music literature often gets compiled with the Romantic period, which Bach did not *mostly* write for.

He was a master of polyphonic writing and harmony, shown by his immense output of music, including cantatas, concerti, preludes, fantasias, fugues, toccatas, sonatas, partitas, etc.

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Q: Why is JS Bach so famous?
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