Why is Java more popular than C?

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Java is very popular among high schools and universities for an introductory language. Java syntax is very similar to the "classic" C and C++ languages, but Java is much more developer-friendly when it comes to error feedback and memory management.

When entire generations of programmers are introduced to the field with the same language, that language tends to become the "popular" one.

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Q: Why is Java more popular than C?
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Which is more popular c plus plus or java?


Which best java or csharp?

It depends what you are planning to do. java is more popular for web applications, c# for software development. c# is becoming more popuplar day to day soo it will be used for web applications as much as java.

Why java is better than c?

java provides more api and classes than c, which makes programmer easy to mix up with env. it provides API

Why java is 'simple'?

Java is a simple . Because java has the more library function than c/c++ language.By the help of this library, the developer only focuses on the business logic then java is a simple language.

Is C really easier than Java Is Java more promising than C?

No and it is up to you to decide. (You asked two questions in one, so you got two answers in one.)

Which is easier 'C plus plus' or 'Java'?

Java is considerably easier than C++.

Which is more convenient 'C' 'C plus plus' or Java?

Java is considerably more convenient than either C or C++ due to its extremely high level of abstraction. However, that convenience comes at the cost of both performance and efficiency.

Advantages of C over C plus plus and java?

C can be faster than C++ programs, and definitely faster than Java, since Java is primarily interpreted. C is also somewhat less rigid in definitions as well, not as tightly structured as either C++ or Java can be.

C plus plus supports more OOP features as compared to JAVA?

No. Java is 100% OOP while C++ supports the concept of primitives (which it inherited from C). Thus C++ supports far more features than Java, but it does not support any more OOP features than Java. Note that there are only four primary OOP features: encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism. Anything beyond that is implementation-specific and outwith the scope of OOP.

Is Java or C plus plus faster?

C++ is (usually) faster than Java, because C++ is compiled object code, and Java is interpreted byte code.

Why is java's portability better than c plus plus?

As we know that java is a plateform independent language and the main advantage of java is that it can support to any operating system and can be executed to any machines without any modifications.Due to the use of class in java it has become more easier to understand the program compared to c plus plus.Hence,java is portable than c plus plus

How many programming languages are based on C?

C++, Java, Perl, Python, PHP, JavaScript, LPC, C# is the most popular languages based on C, but there is probably more languages.

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