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Why is Jerusalem the holy place of Christianity Judaism and Islam?


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September 24, 2012 6:54AM

All three religions venerate the Torah, the Old Testament of the bible. They all believe they were descendants of Abraham and see both Abraham and Moses as Prophets. Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel which is where Moses led the Hebrews after freeing them from Slavery. The Temple Mount is where Solomon built a temple where God was suppose to be worshiped. This is also the place where Abraham was suppose to offer up his son Isaac, before being stopped by an angel.

When Jesus came around, it was under rule by Roman pagans. Jesus was a revolutionary raising people to overthrow the Romans and bring the Kingdom of Heaven back to Jerusalem.

The Dome of the Rock is also located in Jerusalem. Which, was built where Muhammad rose to heaven with the angel Gabriel. It is also the stone where Abraham was about to Kill his son Isaac.

All three religions stem from the same place and share similar beliefs, they all see value in the region, because this is suppose to be the Kingdom of God.