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Why is New Mexico named New Mexico?

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America was fighting with Mexico in order to win the land which we know today as New Mexico. New Mexico was once part of Mexico, so when it finally became American territory, naturally they named it New Mexico.

According to the August 2014 issue of New Mexico Magazine, quoted Fray Angelico Chavez in his book, The "Kingdom of New Mexico," 'Most people think New Mexico was derived from our neighbor, the Republic of Mexico. This is a stupendous error, though one easy to make. The name of New Mexico is more than two centuries older than that of Old Mexico. You see, when Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztec land south of us, which was given the name of New Spain, he found the great capital city of the Aztecs rich with gold and other treasure. The Spaniards called this city, and the beautiful valley in which it stood, the City and Valley of Mexico -- after one of the Indian names for the city, Mexitli.

Soon after, these Spaniards began to hear tales of a mysterious, wealthier land to the far north. Long before they even came here, they talked about this new rich land as La Nueva Mexico -- the new Mexico.'

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What was New Mexico named after?

old Mexico

How did the state of New Mexico get its name?

it was named after Mexico

How did New Mexico get its name New Mexico?

Spanish explorers considered the region an additional part of Mexico, so it is named New Mexico

What is New Mexico named after?

its named after cow doo doo

History of New Mexico became a state?

it became state because mexico won the battle and named it the new mexico

Who named the state of New Mexico?

Spanish explorer Francisco de Ibarra (1539?-1575) named these lands as "a new Mexico" (literal translation: un nuevo Mexico) in 1563.

Why did the Spaniards name their new colony Mexico?

because they found wealth in Mexico, so hoping they found it there they named it New Mexico

Is Mexico one of the fifty states?

There is a US state named New Mexico (47th state admitted to the Union) which capital is the city of Santa Fe. There is also a country named Mexico (from which New Mexico took its name) which has been an independent country since 1810 and has a capital named Mexico City.

Where is the city named Truth or Consequences?

New Mexico.

What state was named after a foreign country?

New Mexico.

What was Mexico first named by Europe?

New Spain

Why is they called New York New Jersey and New Mexico?

The area in the northeast around New York was first colonized by the Dutch. They named the province "New Netherlands". When the British took over it they named it "New York", after the city of York in northeast England. New Jersey was named after Jersey, a small island in the English Channel. New Mexico was originally a name given by Mexico to the to the territories in the far north of the country. This province was handed over to the United States after their war with Mexico. The US divided the area into several territories, one of which named New Mexico.

What was The Santa Fe Trail named for?

It was named after the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico

What is us state named for a latin country?

New Mexico.

Is Mexico one of the 50 states?

No- there is a state named New Mexico, but Mexico is an independent nation, just south of the US.

Why was the state of New Mexico named after a country outside the US?

Because when it was named, it was not in the United States.

What US State was named after a Latin American country?

New Mexico

What town was founded and named the capital of New Mexico?

santa fe

How many citites in the US are named Las Vegas?

Technically one. There is a city in Nevada named Las Vegas, but there is a town in New Mexico named Las Vegas as well.

What was Mexico City the named before they named it Mexico City?


Is Mexico City in US?

No. It is the capital of a country named Mexico, which stands south of the border between California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas.

Truth or consequences New Mexico was named after the television game show Truth or Consequences?

True. Before it was called Hot Springs, New Mexico

Does New Mexico have Jessica's Law?

No New Mexico does not have their version of Jessica's Law. Jessica's Law originated in Florida in 2005 and is named after Jessica Lunsford.

Who found New Mexico and Arizona?

When the territories now comprising the states of Arizona and New Mexico were first explored by Spanish Conquistador Francisco Vazquez de Coronado in 1542, he reported his findings on such territories north of Mexico were a "New Mexico". Since then, these territories were named as the Territorios de Nuevo Mexico(Territories of New Mexico).

What is the name of a trail that is named after a city in New Mexico?

The Santa Fe Trail.