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South/Latin America

Because they all speak "romance" languages, derived from Latin, primaraly Spanish, Portuguese and French.

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Mexico central America and South America are often referred to as?

Latin America.

Why is Spain and Portugal often referred to as Latin American?

Latin America is usually a reference to South America. Spain and Portugal together are referred to as Iberia.

Why is south America often referred to as Latin America?

Because the languages that the people spoke in this area were all based on Latin: Spanish, French Portugese.

What continent does Columbia belong to?

It belongs to South America. However, it is referred to as "Latin America", as many Spanish countries are.

Is South American the same as Latin American?

No. Latin America spans Mexico and Central America, the Caribbean and South America. Hence South America is a subregion of Latin America.

Is South America called Latin America now?

No it is not it is called south America Latin America is another name for central America

Is South America and Latin America the same thing?

No. Latin America is a cultural region that spans Mexico, as well as most of the countries in Central America, the Caribbean and South America; South America is a geographical region located in the Americas.

What continents is Latin America a part of?

Latin America is part of North America and South America.

How are the continents separated?

By a geographical feature, usually water, but not necessarily. Europe and Asia are separated by rivers and mountain ranges, and the two are sometimes referred to as Eurasia. North America and South America are connected by the Isthmus of Panama, and they are sometimes referred to as the Americas.

Where is most of latin America located in?

Latin America includes Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. The largest area is found in South America.

Is Latin America South America?

Latin America does include South America, but it also includes Mexico and all those islands around where Cuba is.

What continent is latin America?

Latin America is a part of two continents: North America and South America.

Latin America includes which regions?

Latin America includes Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.

Is Latin America the same as middle America?

Latin America is made up of Central and South America.

Where was the Latin American Revolution fought?

It was mainly in South America/Latin America.

What is the difference between south and Latin America?

latin includes south america, mexico, central america, etc. South america is the body of land which includes, Brazil, Argentina, etc.

What is the northern part of South or Latin America called?

Northern part of South America is Colombia.Northern part of Latin America is Mexico.

The Americans are sometimes divided into two broad regions Anglo-America and latin America Canada and the US make up Anglo-America Which areas form latin America?

The Latin American countries are Spanish speaking and include Mexico and countries south of Mexico.

Is Guyana in Latin America?

Indeed. It is in South America.

Is Guyana a part of Latin America?

no ...... south America

What is the another name of South America?

latin america

What does Latin America includes?

Central and South America

What are Mexico and South America defined by?

latin america

Is the Selva in South America?

Yes. Selvas are in South America also known as latin america.

What are the threeregions of Latin America?

The three regions that make up Latin America are South America, Central America, and the Caribbean

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