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Why is Switzerland neutral?

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because Switzerland is not a part of European union even of it is in the middle of Europe


Switzerland was founded in 1291 as small coalition against any invaders, as the territory was occupied and had lost any protection. Its soldiers were then famous for being the most elite soldiers in Europe... and fighting as mercenaries anywhere a battle was. But during the battle of Marignano in 1515, north of Milano in Italy, the two armies killing each other mainly consisted of Swiss mercenaries...

After this desastrous event, Switzerland kept out of any international conflict... one exeption was when Napoleon conquered Switzerland integrating Swiss soldiers into his troops against Russia. After the Napolean Wars the neutrality of Switzerland was accepted or even imposed by the winning powers (1815). The french-German war around 1870/71 and the first world war passed mainly beside Switzerland, the army was quite mediocre a that time compared to the fighting nations.

A better or more modern army was mobilised just some day before the second world war started - the German preparations for war were obvious. Switzerland simply declared to be neutral - nowadays some industrials and bankers are blaimed for having done deals with Germany getting rich themselves. The country itself was neutral, nevertheless... Swiss army leaders planned for an alpine retirement war against Germany, leaving all cities to the ennemy at once (in theory)! trying to avoid civilian casualties... but occupying any alpine connections north-south. A war-declaration against Germany would probably have been suicide... no allies were available, Germany easily run over Poland and France. England was defending itself during the battle of Britain... Russia stood with Germany that time... and the USA were NEUTRAL, only entering the war after the direct Japanese attacks on the 7th of December 1941, two years after the war had started!! So, Switzerland is referred to as to be neutral. The other thing is, Swiss population refused three times the European Union in public votings and the country didn't join the UNO before 2002, but beeing partner of any UNO-subinstitution for already many years.

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Are Switzerland neutral?

Yes, Switzerland has been neutral since 1815.

Was Switzerland a neutral in WW II?

yesh Switzerland has been neutral since 1815.

Was there a war in Switzerland in 1922?

Switzerland are neutral.

Did the Holocaust take place in Switzerland?

no - Switzerland was a neutral country

Which countries were considered enemies of Switzerland?

No countries are enemies of Switzerland. Switzerland is strictly neutral.

When did Switzerland become neutral?

Switzerland became neutral at the beginning of world war 1. That was 1876, they Also stayed neutral through WW2In 1815, after the Napoleonic wars. During these wars Switzerland was occupied and fought over.

Who was neutral in second world war?

I believe Switzerland was a neutral country

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What allies do Switzerland have?

None, it is neutral.

Why was Switzerland neutral in the World War 2?

Switzerland has been neutral since 1815. Why would you want to join a war when there is no reason to?

What year did Nazis invade Switzerland?

Switzerland was a neutral country and Germany did not invade it.

What was the date that Switzerland enterded world war 2?

Switzerland remained neutral

Was Switzerland an allied power in WW1?

Remember this: Switzerland has always been neutral.

Who allied with Switzerland during WW1?

Pretty sure Switzerland remained neutral.

How did world war 2 affect Switzerland?

Switzerland was Neutral during WWII

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Neutral nation in 1944?

Switzerland was neutral in 1944 and still is. In spite of this, the Allied Forces bombed the city of Schaffhausen, Switzerland on April 1, 1944.

What is an adjective that applies to neutrons and Switzerland?

The adjective neutral descibes both Switzerland and neutrons.

Was Switzerland in World War I?

No, Switzerland remained neutral during the First world War.

What war did Switzerland fight in?

Switzerland have never had a war, they are neutral. Hope this helps,Sid

When Was Switzerland At War?

Switzerland has been neutral since 1815. and has not been at war since then.

Was Switzerland a part of the allied powers?

Switzerland was neutral during World War 2.